Value Every Interruption

How many times have the responsibilities of family and work interrupted you or distracted you from keeping on track with your workout routines?  As I am now retired and a proud grandma, I have fewer stressors than many of RBLs. I have the flexibility to go to the gym when it is convenient for me.  I don’t have to make sure it is okay with the rest of the world.  I feel very spoiled that I am blessed in this way.  However, I want to remind each of us that when our schedule is interrupted or changed, we need to remember that God wants us to be available to help others, even if it was not part of our initial game plan.  Titus 3:14 speaks specifically to this imperative: “Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others, then they will not be unproductive.”   If you feel that you have lost something due to an interruption, you have not! God has permitted and He has actually ordained every moment of your day.  He is in control of the minutes and hours of each of our days. I pray that you will be thankful the next time your plans are changed and realize that God has something special for you to do in His name.   Blessings, Linda

Ever Have one of those weeks

Where it just did not seem like things were going the way you wanted them to? I know that the past few weeks have been rough with weather and trying to get back into the swing of things but there are times when you just want to say uncle and be done with it.

I am slowly getting back into the doing what I need to do with a couple of set backs mainly when I am on the treadmill when I go for long durations it seems my shins and tops of my feet start hurting real bad.

This week I decided to try some new devices at the Y and realized a couple of things….

1) they have a machine that you peddle while sitting down similar to a bike but you have the option to work your lower body and upper body at different intervals. You set the time you want to do and the level of intensity which of course for the fist time was a little low for me. I will say I do like this work out so will start adding it to the cardio work out.

2) Stationary Bikes.. What can you say about these???? These little bundles of joy are good when you first start out but then you start to realize like I did that those little tiny seats after a while just are not comfortable. Maybe they will grow on ya but WOW after 30 minutes you realize why people that to ride a lot out on the roads wear shorts that are meant for that. Plus some of the seats have extra padding.

It has been many years since I road for a long duration on either a Stationary bike or a regular bike and I can tell ya if I going to keep riding I think I may need to invest in a road bike to just be able to go ride in the country on the weekends.

Both of these will be worked into the cardio routine although you do not tend to burn as many calories as you would while on the treadmill. BUT you do tend to go further in distance (as long as you keep peddling) if you coast on it IT will shut down after a while.

We are half way through this and although I have not lost all that I wanted to by now I am starting to feel like I am getting a little more spring in my step and looking forward to doing something other than sitting at home or wherever after work.

Who knows when I will get to the weight I want to be at but right now I am enjoying working on getting down to it and meeting a lot of good people in the process.

I am happy I am getting a chance to be a part of #RBL2015 and for all of those that are taking part in this we just need to remember that even if we do not lose what we are wanting to right now as long as we commit to continue to try and lose we will eventually win.

Stay Fat With No Pain



I think these doctors have lost their minds or the devil is trying to keep me out of the Y! One doctor said go on, Next one said take a week off.  Today the doctor said KEEP ON MOVING.  So…  MOVING I will do!!!  I will fight and win over this pain in my neck.  

This is a hard thing to do changing for LIFE.  But I see now that some things I used to eat taste like exactly what they are!  GARBAGE.  My kids argue with me saying it is good.  I have checked many restuarants off our go to list.  I can not make everyone HAPPY.  So I am going to do what is best for a HEALTHY LIFE.  My boys are 10 & 12 but still at an age I can mold them to eat better.

The road has been bumpy and you do feel like giving up at times.  Some times it seem like no one cares. Other things feel so unorganized and not what we thought they would be.  So when I felt this way and was told some misleading things.  I tightened up and grabbed hold of a few of my team mates.  To not only help ME but to help THEM.  I love you ladies and I will be here for the REST of our lives.  


1 Corinthians 9:22
New International Version
To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.



The Ease of Sliding out of the Habit

I finally got back in the gym today. It is so easy to miss a lot of time, without even trying it seems. Last Friday, I worked in the yard a lot, and ended up very sore. So I decided to not go to the gym on Saturday because I was sore. I knew that I’d be able to go Sunday after church. Well, I ended up with a migraine on Sunday afternoon and evening, so I didn’t go. Again, I thought that I’d go Monday. I woke up Monday  with the the migraine still raging. Another day missed. Oh no, I realized that I had missed 4 days not going to the gym!

It amazed me that it was that easy to fall out of the habit of going to the gym. I could easily have skipped today as well, just telling myself I’d get it tomorrow. I chose not to do that. I made myself get going, albeit a little late, and get back in the habit. It felt good to get back again.

I talked to Brian Sumner today, and I am grateful that he is our mentor. He said that it is a habit that he still has to practice to make sure that he comes to the gym. We agreed that it is so easy to not do it!

Don’t let missing a few days stop you from going for good. It would have been easy to fall off right here, but it is a choice. Make the choice to keep up the fight. God has given us this opportunity, and we can’t shy away from it. Pray for strength to keep going. Ask for help from trainers and fellow RBL’s. Ask for prayers from friends and families. We are here for each other.

“The Lord takes good care of all those who fall.He lifts up all those who feel helpless.” Psalm 145:14 (NIrV)

Feeling Acomplished

Today I am very proud of myself. I went to the gym prepared to do my normal workout, Activtrax and then the Octaine 6000 for my cardio. I did my activtrax and then after 10 min on the Octaine decided to go upstairs to the theater room and work on the treadmill. I started thinking I would do about 30 min but then after I hit the 2.5K mark I decided to keep going and go for the 5K. 52 minutes later my first 5K was completed! Although on the treadmill this was a huge accomplishment for me. My goal is to complete one 5K per week until I complete the 5K on April 18th.

Laura Kay’s Diet

Everyone I know ask me which diet are you following. I just say Laura Kay’s.  When it comes to food and some other personal things – I am unable to follow others.  Although, Weight Watchers I like their process as well as my doctors do.

What I am doing:

  •  Eating more salads with the dressing on the side, with more veggies and healthy nuts.
  • Less Soda – It has been over a month since I have drank a diet coke in the morning. I am most days down to 1 diet coke a day.
  • Breakfast – sugar free oatmeal with almonds slices and coconut slices sprinkled on top.  I have been doing this for over a month.
  • Chocolate – actually just candy.  I have in the past gone through a bag of candy while at work in a day. Stress eat much more at home.  I have mastered not to have it at work, well once. Home I am much better but I have had several stressful nights.
  • Work – pizza, cupcakes, chick-fil-la, Krispy Kreme, bagels.  Couple of weeks ago is the FIRST time I have ever turned down Krispy Kreme. Also the past few weeks turned down chick-fil-la, cupcakes. When they order pizza last week they were wonderful to order me a salad.
  • Calories I do not watch – I watch sodium, Carbs, fat, and especially sugar
  • Sonic is my daily lunch trip for 4 large cups of ice. Ice is little pellets, it is water, and is crunchy. I go so much they treat me a lot.  I also have a bag of crushed ice at home.

There is much more that I can do and I am sure I will get better but if you knew me as well as I know me this is a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Laura Kay

Week 6

Time is flying bye. Week 6 already… I’m feeling great, have more engery than ever. Love how God has given me strength to keep moving. The more I exercise , the more I want to. Love Zumba class, if you have never tried it… Do! It might  surprise you.  Teammates don’t give up, don’t be discouraged God has lead you here for a purpose…. Push thru!  Trust Him, He is your source of strength in Him alone.

Getting Rid of the Stuff

Like I have heard so many times this is not a sprint its a marathon. That is something I have to remind myself of everyday.

My husband and I started Financial Peace University with our church recently. This is really made us sit down and find out how much debt we have. We actually shocked ourselves. Like our weightloss journey this will be a marathon to paying off debt as well, we might try to sprint in some aspects but this isn’t going to be done in a month.

Dave Ramsey encourages you to get rid of the stuff. Well we are on our way to purging and selling many items, that either sit in a box in the closet, or just never get used and to recall when the last time it was we used it means its not worth keeping.

Also While sitting down to figure out that budget, it really hit us how much we eat out. Now since starting this journey with Rob’s big loser, we have cut back but still its costing us a lot of money. So we have made a commitment to only eat out twice a month or once every pay period. Pinterest here I come looking for more healthy and fun dinners to make from home.

Why am I telling you all this. Well while we were sitting down we realized that this weight loss and healthy living is more than just eating healthy and exercising. Looking at the debt, the stuff, and the stress in life can become overwhelming and if you are me makes you want to go to where you find comfort, Food. Getting to a low stress and healthy life its all about getting rid of the stuff or the stressers in your life. Now I know we cant get rid of all of them but eliminating as many as we can, can help us tremendously.

A verse that I read this morning during my quiet time was Matthew 6: 19-21. It reads ” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Its time to start getting rid of the stuff and focusing in on our heavenly treasures!

Have a great day everyone!