Back to work I go, but guess where?!?!

After each of my 3 children were born, I was blessed to stay home with them for their first year. Now that my Liam pie is 14 months old, I’m ready to get back in the work force and guess where I will start working tomorrow?? GHS YMCA!!! I will be working at the front desk and sometimes in the baby childwatch room. I’m beyond excited. It’s amazing how truly life changing this RBL experience has been. In these few short weeks I’ve already become friends with so many ladies at the Y (staff and members) and it’s really a home away from home.

God has lead me thru this journey for a reason. It feels so much bigger than losing weight and getting a job. I’m excited to see how this next season in my family’s life plays out!

Tiffany Wideman


My son’s Taekwondo school(Black Belt Attitude School) is offering a chance for us Moms to take classes for an early Mother’s Day gift.  I am proud to say I was the first Mom to sign up. No more sitting on the sidelines for this MOM!!!! I think the instructor gave me a little boot camp in my first class.  He knows about the RBLs and the journey I am on.  I get to take the class with my son and this morning he said that his stomach was sore from the crunches too.    I admit I felt a little strange being in the class since I have just been watching for over year.  It is not as easy as it looks either.  But it was a whole lot of fun with a lot of laughter.  I am so grateful they are giving us a chance to do what the kids do!!!!!

Mud Run

I don’t know how I let my coworkers talk me into doing a mudrun. Even thought I had always wanted to one but had never worked up the nerves to sign up. So we signed up and Sunday came quicker than I thought.  I was excited but not totally prepared. Was only going off 3 hours of sleep so I struggled but 3.5 miles, 35 obstacles and a lot of mud later, I actually finished. We finished in a time of 1:15:34 (not the greatest) but given how out of shape I clearly am, I think it was a good time for beginners. Ready for the next one (And I wore my Rob’s Big Loser Tshirt to represent)


3.5 Miles & 35 Obstacles Later 10003030_537331803053422_4717381689776108828_n


It felt so good

I finally got over the pain that was keeping me from the gym this weekend.  It felt so good to be back last night.  I was so scared to step on that scale.  I was worried.  I thought because it had been 3 days since I was in the gym that I would gain weight.  But, because, I kept with eating right, I still lost another pound!!!!!  Stress reliever, plus I got to see friends.  That was nice.  I haven’t gotten to see many of my teammates because we have different schedules.  I am ready for another night tonight!!!!

I just have to add this, It has nothing to do with my weight loss, but….WAY TO GO DELVIN CHOICE.  US NEWSPRINGERS ARE ROOTING YOU ON THE ENTIRE WAY TO THE WIN!!!!  WE ARE SO PROUND OF YOU!!!

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

5k zzzzzzz

Well, got my first 5k run done since this started, used to run 5k in college for golf conditioning every day so it’s not my first ever, just in a very long time!  Pretty happy with the time we were able to achieve (Marie ran it too)!  We worked hard a pushed it a little but we still have a little more we can do now that we have the distance down.  I have also determined that sleep has a lot to do wht the results we want, when I have not gotten good rest even a great workout yields little, so rest up my friends, at least at night, a solid nights rest and a good workout will get us through, we are in the home stretch now!  Let’s go team!

Monday blues

Monday are crazy with Interval’s workout of weight training. Now I am excited about summer and now I can look to summer. The clothes are getting looser and I am having to buy new things. Losing weight is so great to be able to wear the cute little summer dresses that before I would not be caught dead in. Thanks everyone for supporting me though this whole journey. I know I have just begun and I have a long way to go but I know now I can stick with it.

God has a new plan

God has a new plan for me, although I do not know what it is yet, he will be putting me right where I need to be. My new found unemployment will now allow me to get into the gym a bit more. Gotta get ready for the 26th!

Looking forward to our next bootcamp at Verdae & family gathering afterward!

We have all formed bonds with each other & our coaches – and I speak for all of us when I say, “we couldn’t have done it without Rob and our coaches!”