Soooooooooo Close

As of this morning, I am just .3 lbs away from meeting 2nd goal ! Will have to be aggressive at bootcamp this week!

Even though RBL 2014 is over, I just love how almost all of us at Verdae have stayed together and continue to have weekly (Sat) bootcamps! Such a great team, so glad I ended up on Verdae team!!! Love you guys so much!

Almost to goal #2

April 26th was the end of our time with His Radio & Robs Big Losers. But team Verdae has such an awesome group! We all agreed to stay together. We still support each other & have continued our regular Saturday morning Bootcamps !

Looking forward to reaching my next goal, just under 3 lbs to go. Then it will be off to complete next goal – another 5k in Sept

Back to Gym

After 2 weeks of being out of gym, finally got back today. Felt so good to be back in there. Starting slow since out for 2 weeks. Still have one more shot to go in knee. Still job searching and will be starting school on Wednesday. So much going on. But i know i will feel better once back in a routine. Looking forward to my husband joining me as well. Want to keep the numbers going down —- got into daughters hand me downs last week!!!! Would like to get down one more size.

New Chapter

Getting ready to start another new chapter. In addition to being ale to continue at Verdae Y, I will soon be going back to school under the WIA program at SC Works. Will be able to get some certifications and hopefully lead to a better full time employment. Especially now that my husband is no longer working.

Satan has continued to throw obstacles in our way, but we have come thru each event thru prayer, grace & blessings. The lord continues to open doors for us. Our God is soooo goood!!

Chapter One … CLOSED …. Chapter Two begins in the book of … The Lifestyle Change

Chapter One … CLOSED … 45 pounds lighter and ran the 5k under my goal and learned so much about nutrition. Met amazing people who are now friends. Fellow RBLers and YMCA Verdae have been a huge reason for my success. I cant thank them enough !!! Amazing chapter of my life. Looking forward to moving on to the next chapter.

Chapter Two … The journey continues. Joined Verdae YMCA. Still being accountable to my team and Team Verdae Staff. Had a team boot camp this Saturday and started training for a 10k. The commitment from Verdae YMCA continues. AMAZING !!!! Fellow RBLers still amazing and supporting each other !!! Love you guys !!!!

Hope all TEAM Rob Big Losers are continuing … THE JOURNEY !!!!