its a circus!

This week the world has been spinning around me so fast it was hard to catch a break. My daughter turned three so we had her party to attend to. Food, balloons, decorations, and friends. Seems simple enough. But when you have a baby crying and your trying to get all this done its not that easy! We also went to the circus this week as we do every year for my daughters birthday. Food, toys, clowns, animals and everything moving around me so fast. I only went to the Y 3 days this week, and i felt GUILTY. I felt like i wasn’t doing my job like i did that first week. I was so proud that when i stepped on the scale i had lost 5 lbs. But every day that I didn’t go to the Y i was scared i was gaining those 5 lbs back. Its hard this is all new to me. I need to learn my balance in life, because my life is a circus, i just need to learn to take care of it!

Leaving Some “Comforts” Behind

UGH!  I am closing out day 2 of no soda :(  Oh I miss it!  I will confess to all of you I am a soda addict – I have my favorites but I will pretty much drink any type!  I took a little over a week to wean off the caffeine in hopes to avoid the major headaches.  I woke up my last morning of soda with a migraine and a nosebleed.  I don’t know if they correlate but that was Thursday’s beginning.  I didn’t make is to school (a four hour drive in the sun plus migraine was just not going to happen.)  And I figured it would be a good day to miss the gym and just take a stroll (indoors).  Then Friday came and I was literally dressed ready to go to the gym and a stomach bug hit.  So day #2 no gym :(  Nor really any type of cardio.  So here comes Saturday and no soda for two days!  I know for some of you that means little.  But imagine one of your daily routines/loves/treats poof – gone!  We all have are vices and comforts that help us ease through the day a little bit easier.  Mine was soda.  I liked the taste, the fizz, the cold, the sweet, and I liked it alone or with a meal or reading a book – going for a drive.  Very little happened in my day without that sidekick.  Crazy how I didn’t even realize how often I drank soda – it was just. . . normal.  I have left my home in a storm to make sure I would have soda to finish out the storm.  Or changed out of pajamas before bed to make sure there was some cold soda in the fridge for the next day…. (So sad to read this and know it is true!) .   So I celebrate this small victory but this is only one of the comforts of Before RBL!  It appears it will have several friends.  For example – Chips (oooh chips and soda and I enjoyed many of times together usually with our favorite television shows) and how I tease myself with the chips at the grocery store seeing the best ones on sale – thanks NFL for your big event that highlights junk food upon junk food! But tangent – So here we are in the final hours upon Saturday when the Y closes at 7 and I am procrastinating like a champ.  I had some bulletins to finish before tomorrow and wanted to copy them after I hit the gym.  The five o clock hour is upon me and I am finishing up.  Go grab the gym clothes and necessities – like my phone and headphones.  Wait where are my headphones!  I am looking on countertops, tables, inside all of my four year old’s “boxes” (you know we are at that fun age where imagination runs wild and these headphones could be part of a doctor’s stethoscope or a pirates buried treasure or radio tower for a plane).  The minutes are ticking away and I will barely make it to the gym in time for a workout and I am two days away.   Can I go to the gym without headphones as I desperately search rooms?  I am going to have to – another bummer!  I like to hear the music pushing me or the distraction of a television show to make cardio seem like it flew by.  But I can’t use this as another excuse to postpone getting healthier.  In my frustration I leave the house without my ice cold bottle of water which I find refreshing as I work up a sweat.  That comfort too will have to stay behind :(  I tell myself regardless of missing my comforts and having a headache I am still going to the gym.  Even if it is to walk in the door scan my card and run up the stairs to the fitness area.  For mentality alone I have to be “in” the gym. I have to feel the energy of those working to get/stay healthy.   As I was driving I realized how much I depend on “comforts”.  I like certain things with me when I drive (license, purse, money, soda :( ), we tend to decorate our office spaces with pictures or familiar objects, our houses tend to be decorated in our tastes.  We as humans crave familiarity, at least I know I do.  I like things that make me smile or did once upon a time.  And what were occasional treats become everyday in hopes of capturing that moment repeatedly.  But when the treat becomes everyday it loses a bit of its magic.  And then it becomes routine and no longer brings the lift of joy but the work of keeping it in our lives. I did make it to the gym with about 50 minutes left until it closed. I ended up doing mostly weights so the no headphones wasn’t the end of the world nor the missing cold water.  Oh don’t worry I plan to bring them both to the next workout but I am not as scared to go without my creature comforts or face temptation. I am letting go of more and more excuses of why I can’t and replacing them with reasons that I CAN! Let’s keep getting healthier together!!!

“Blessed is anyone who endures temptation.  Such a one has stood the test and will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” – James 1:12

His mercies are new everyday…

So I have psoriasis.  It is a skin disorder where you get thick, scaly,  red, ITCHY patches all over your skin. I have gotten rid of it a couple of times before by going gluten-free, but I find that lifestyle so hard to maintain. When I was chosen for RBL, I decided to go all in and go gluten-free in my diet as well. So I am happy to report that I have been one week GF, and already my psoriasis is starting to thin. Yay! It will take a couple of months before it is completely gone, by my estimation anyway, but I would love to be psoriasis free by the 5k!

On another note, I learned something else today. I learned to always keep snacks handy. I usually have a bag of snacks with me, at least since starting RBL, but today I left the house in a hurry and forgot to get them… ugh!! I ate out healthy for lunch… (grilled house salad from Zaxby’s with no fried onions or texas toast, and lite vinigrette dressing), but I wasn’t planning on being  out as late as I was. Went and completed my workout, which included the beast mode hill at GIT YMCA, and some rowing.  My nephew is in the hospital,  for what we thought was going to be emergency surgery, but God answered another prayer and gave us another miracle!! No surgery!!! He is feeling much better today too. But anyway, back to the point, I wanted to go see him. This put me out even later, and after that workout, I was starving. I ate a p3 pack… Love those, but it just wasnt enough tonight. Long story short, I ended up caving and wound up in a drive through line. Ugh….

I am not beating  myself up, as I learned a very important lesson, and as someone quoted on my Facebook page, “His mercies are new every morning” I just have to get up and keep going. Tomorrow is another day, and I have a long journey ahead of me… it wont be perfect, but I will get there. thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement and private messages with tips/tricks. You guys are a great support system! !

Week in Review

As this week comes to a close all I can say is wow. I have gone from being totally sedimentary to actually planning trips to the gym. I used to use my work schedule as an excuse as to why I didn’t have time to workout. However I learned this week that I actually have more time than i actually realized. I am fortunate to have the prayers and support of the Rob’s Biggest Losers family. It amazes me how people I never knew or even noticed before last week, offer so much support and encouragement. Wow I’m blessed! I am so looking forward to next week. I know there are wins and losses to be had but I know that all in all I am on my journey to becoming a better healthier me.

First Week on the books

Well what do have we done so far…..

Worked out with Weights… Check
Cardio…. Check

So far this week I have concentrated on working with weights and not enough of the cardio and this is not a good thing. I am finding that I really need to get in better shape do that I can do the 4K at the end of all of this.

While I have done a lot of cardio in the past week I need to do more. Looks like more walking while at work during lunch and also during breaks. Plus when going to the Y I plan on doing more f those Dreaded CRUNCHES in order to work on tightening up the mid section as well as spending more and more time on the Treadmill to work on my Pace as well as work on going for longer distances. So far my best has been about 1.5 miles in 35 minutes While not to bad for a beginner trying to get back in shape I would like to get to the point where I am doing the 5K on the treadmill consistently in under an hour.

As for dieting this past week I have done OK for the most part but I am finding that it is hard to not have BREAD of some type. I do well with having Salads and for sandwiches I have gone to using wraps more but I need to find something that I like other than some of the ones that are out there. Looks like a trial and error issue till I get it right.

One of my earlier posts I said something about eating more veggies and someone left the perfect comment I am now a “Rabbit in Training”. Now veggies are good but after a while you tend to crave for other things and so far that temptation has been one I have stayed away from.

Back to the Cardio issue I will say like others have mentioned small steps that when I first got on the treadmill I was lucky to make it for a mile but each time it has gotten a little easier. NOW I will mention for those that have not been there yet to “Enjoy” the hill at the GIT YMCA in TR you really need to come over and experience that for your selves.

So far my group has met twice at the Y and have done a walk with the second one having time added to it and so far I have finished last. I know I have a long way to go and I really thank those that have stepped back and walked to the finish with me even when I know that they could be done and on to something else.

On Friday this past week I did a Circuit for the First time. There were a few stations and while they may seem easy to do I found that some were just plain TOUGH. I will not talk about all of them but I will say that CRUNCHES were involved at 2 of the stations and then push ups at another( I have not done push ups since I got out of the Navy and had to do then for the annual Fitness Evaluations). Then Just when I thought CRUNCHES were hard to do along came the little Gem called PLANKING… Tell me who thinks of these things ? For those that have no idea, like me until Friday , what there little bundles of JOY are you are Basically supposed to hold yourself up in a pushup position for at least a minute. WELLLLLLL I made it 30 seconds and this was after going through a few stations with weights involved.

I was able to make it through 1 circuit that night before I was just plain ol WHOOPED. Normally I believe that when these are done you do 2 circuits of everything. I am looking forward to when I can make it through each one without cheating and even though it will beat me up to do it I will make it through 2 times before to long.

Looking forward to what is in store for next week and will still be taking it one day at a time.

How to handle a tough week

Just thought I’d post about some changes I’m making in handling difficult times.  This past week, since I was chosen as one of Rob’s Biggest Loser has been crazy.  My mother-in-law passed away last Saturday, I had a board meeting the 3 days prior, work is crazy and we moved to a new house on Thursday and had to prepare our old home for renters.  Meanwhile, I need to be losing weight and working out.  I’ve found that it’s been great to be mindful of making great choices in challenging times.  Just because the house is packed up and there’s no way to cook a healthy meal, doesn’t mean I can’t eat healthy.  I pick the healthiest option on the restaurant menu and eat 1/2 the meal…  I’m full and I don’t feel guilty.  I did the best with my options…  A couple of my workouts this week have been packing and cleaning.  Google Fit lets me know if I’ve hit my goal of 45 minutes of activity and I’ve been hitting it.

I also want to give a shout out to those at the gym who stop with an encouraging word or smile…  You make my day!

Small Victories

Doing something like this makes you look for victories wherever you can find them. We all have our end goals, but we’ve got to see the small things along the way.

We had a good morning. I went to the Y with my family and we worked hard. After lunch, we were going to go shopping. Then a victory happened. I had to cinch my belt to a new notch! In, not out!!!

I can’t remember the last time my belt went in instead of out.

So my friends, look for those small victories. The end of our journey will be here soon enough, so don’t miss what happens on the way.

Keep working hard and remember “I can do everything by the power of Christ. He gives me strength.” (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭13‬ NIRV)

Week One Down!

By loricloud:This has been a week of challenges and perseverance for me! I started the week on Sunday wondering what I had gotten myself into and ended the week today with excitement and feeling encouraged. This week I did my first workout since college (and did it 3 times!), helped my mom through back surgery, met an awesome group on individuals (my GHS YMCA team), went with my daughter and husband to the gym x2 and rode my horse for the first time since she was injured in October :)  My husband and I have been able to bond through going to the gym and he has been supportive of my goals. I could not ask for anything more. All praise be to God for everything that I completed this week.  I look forward to the rest of this journey. #RBL2015