Last week

Changes are slow for me.  I was hoping to be further along than I am at the end of the RBL.  My body just has more issues to resolve.  At least my knee is doing better this week.  I am hoping to get back to Taekwondo(Black Belt Attitude School) classes this evening.  Also hoping to get back to my regular cardio.  I feel like I am starting all over again but that is ok because I am not quitting.  Now that the RBL is ending I am excited to have Taekwondo for a little while.  They are letting us Mom’s join for free for a short while as a Mother’s Day Gift.  They are the so encouraging and positive.  They work around my body limitations while still pushing me to try new and harder things.  photo (5)

Hard workout

I am trying to go out of the box and try many different classes at the Y and I would have to say that Collen is a hard teacher! I have taken two of her classes and man does she work you out! I tried Group Strength for the first time yesterday and I have not been this sore since the beginning. She is an amazing teacher and I promise I will not complain about Beast mode or my favorite classes of Interval or Intense again. Man I legs hurt real bad and it is hard to make it up the stairs but I am gonna to be one happy girl when this weather decides to be good and stay warm so I can go and buy me some new shorts. It is almost over with my 12 weeks but I have made a lot of new friends and I have overcame a lot of things. Thank you so much GHS YMCA and Rob for giving me this opportunity to do this. Here I come 5K now I might not be able to run the whole thing but I know I will finish this with the help of Breanna. Thanks again everyone for the love and support that you all have given to me over the last 12 weeks:)

Amy Bartley

Looking forward to Saturday●

I can’t believe the big day is only days away! I’m excited and sad. I know that I have come a long way. I know my journey will continue even after the 5 k. I hope everyone has reached some kind of a goal & plans to keep it up. I will miss my new friends Mark Gambrell you are a winner in my eyes I think you will win this thing you go! A special shout to my friend Wendy & her husband she was an at home contestant I think she may have missed maybe 1 of our run walks we did every Tues and Thurs rain snow or 30 that was for you Sue Barnwell:) A big thank you Sue for bringing me out of my comfort zone alot! This has been amazing! Thank you God for giving me the health the strength and for the whispers on those COLD run walks I know you are always with me & I love you! This was a great opportunity & I thank you His Radio!

An amazing Journey

We are at the last week of Rob’s biggest losers.  It has been amazing.  Each week I have had different challenges. I have met some awesome people I can call friends.  Each person in our group bring something different to the group.  Each person has been encouraging.  In my 12 weeks I had sickness and back problems.  I could not run for a few weeks after being sick.  But I walked everyday.  And with my back problem I could not run or hardly walk.  But I walked everyday.  No matter what you go thru you can try to do something.  I have changed my eating habits.  That one was big for me.  And I have exercised most of the time.   I have lost 10lb in 12 weeks.  And I have went down to pant sizes.  And I am okay with that. I am not done with my journey.  Next Monday starts and new 12 weeks for me.  I will continue to eat healthy and exercise to become the person I know God wants me to be.  He is my accountability partner on this journey.

Thank you Rob’s and His radio for allowing me to be a small part of this.

Toni Coggins

Last Week

Its the last week and I have mixed feelings. I am excited about closing out the challenege but I’m also disappointed that its about to be over and I haven’t really lost any weight. This week has been a struggle, didn’t feel like eating right and didn’t feel like working out (although I’ve been doing tons of yardwork, it still doesn’t add up to a good workout)  ARRRGHHHHHH I WANT TO BE LAZY FOR A CHANGE AND THIS SUCKS!!!


Awsome Skype this morning

I skyped with His Radio for my second time this morning.  I was not as nervous this time as I was the first time.  Rob and Leslie are awesome and I am extremely blessed to be a part of this amazing journey.  After work, I went back to the Y.  I am so glad  I am going to get to continue to go after my journey as one of Rob’s Big Losers is over.  I have found what I really enjoy doing, and that is going to the gym.  I look forward to go everyday!  I am now going to be the healthy Andrea!!

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

For every end a new beginning emerges!

I hate endings, so this journey will not end for me. As of Saturday it will reemerge as my life plan. I was away for Spring Break last week and once again had a great week. Found a gym to visit for my weight training, walked everywhere and actually felt the need to exercise. My energy is through the roof…….I feel like the energizer bunny!!!! But after last Saturday I did get a little nostalgic about my team. We had an very challenging workout that ended with an indoor picnic (with all healthy foods) and we all went around telling what we learned from RBL. I have learned that I CAN do it! Being the “old lady” of our group I have my limitations, but I am always willing to keep pushing. I am comfortable walking into the gym and proud that I am willing to try even when I am uncomfortable. I was confident wearing a bathing suit to the beach and proud of the food choices I made during the entire trip. I have begun to pack up all my clothes that are too big  to donate. I never want them to be a “fall back” to my life 11 weeks ago. I feel blessed that I have met so many wonderful caring people at Verdae from my team members to the coaches. Don’t know what I would have done without them. They will forever have a place in my heart. I have already set my new goals with a date in mind to accomplish them followed by learning how to maintain all that I have accomplished…..and for the first time it does not terrify me….OK…I’ll be a little scared but I know I have the tools to do it. I have the strength and determination and I know that through Jesus Christ I can do anything!  So here’s to the beginning of the end and the beginning of a lifetime of health and happiness. I cannot thank you Rob, for this opportunity. I hope to be able to pay it forward to someone else someday and make the same impact on their lives as you have made on mine! From the bottom of m heart….Thank you!

It was TOO BIG!!!!

When I signed up for this 12 week journey, it was, in large part, to start a new chapter of my life as the best version of me I could be. I am getting married in less than 2 weeks and wanted to be healthier and my fiance and I start our life together. Well, as you can imagine, planning a wedding when paired with a regular full-time job and trying to be in the gym 4-5 days a week, it has been quite a journey.

One major part of wedding planning centered around my wedding gown.  I went two weeks ago for my initial fitting. As I hoped, prayed, and worked hard for, it was TOO BIG!!!! The whole bodice and waist needed taking in at every seam.  It was such a great feeling to know that this journey has been successful! This past weekend I went for my final dress fitting and it fit perfectly. I felt confident in it and look forward to next weekend when I get to wear it for my big day (!!!!!!!). My mom even noted that my arms look more tone than when I first tried on gowns back in November. It’s amazing how the gym is making a difference! Even better than looking healthier, I feel so much better. I have more energy and just generally feel so much better. I guess I had not realized how run down I had felt before this journey. I am looking forward to this last week at the Y as an RBL but know that this is just the first of many 12-week intervals. I looking forward to keeping the momentum moving forward and continuing this journey. Slow and Steady wins the game… It’s a marathon not a sprint and I am going to keep on going!

Awesome weekend

Well the rain did decide to stop and I was able to enjoy my kids. This weekend was hard because of all the food and family food meeting we had. I had more ham then needed this weekend and I did stay away from the sweets. It is so amazing how my food choices have changed and how I am looking at everything when I eat. My mom made her potato salad and it was hard to say no and I did have some but a good amount. I know with other holidays fast approaching it will be hard to say no. Now I am just working on how to curve that sweet tooth. I have been researching some ways to trick my sweet tooth now I just have to try them. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Amy Bartley