As I sit here in my living room.  I wonder how all the RBLS are doing….  I know for me I have hard days but still keep on track.  I have had a great journey and I just keep moving forward.

Just wanted to say hello and say keep on moving forward.  You are doing such a great thing to prolong your health.

Keep focused on Jesus…

Have a great Day

The Positives

Ending the twelve weeks has been bittersweet.   I can see Gods hand on my life as I went through this process.  Right before I decided to enter “Rob’s Big Losers” I found out my cholesterol was too high and I am a borderline diabetic.   I had to do something drastic to overcome this.  My Dr told me to add more exercise and change my diet.  These are 2 things I can control.  So, I entered the contest and prayed for the best.  I was picked to go to the Eastside Y and was ecstatic!!  We met our teammates that day and felt we were instant friends.  We met Lori and Jared Dyer, our mentors,  as well.  They are really sweet people, were very supportive of all of us along the way.  So blessed to have gotten to know them.  We met our trainer, Billy, at “The Eastside Y” and Lisa.   All of the staff at Eastside have been a wonderful experience!!

My husband has been a huge supporter and changed his diet along with me.  He went to the Y and did weights while I did Cardio or did weights.  This made it a lot easier for me to participate.  He praised my accomplishments as I learned how to use the weight machines, Activtrax, etc…

Although I wanted to lose weight, more importantly to improve my health.  Last Friday I went back to my Dr and all my numbers went down.  I had lost weight since January as well.  It wasn’t the banner weight loss I had hoped for but it was some loss.  My Dr said, “Keep doing what your doing”.  This confirmed that I was on the right track.  In addition clothes  are getting looser, my bra size went down, my shirt size went down.  So, I ordered a size Large T-Shirt, instead of an XL, for the race and it fit!

Finally, my last week I prepared myself mentally for the 5K.  I had started having some problems with my low back muscles.  It was painful to walk, let alone run.  I decided I would walk it.  At this point I had worked hard and had a better idea about health and wellness.  I was able to get through it.

On this side of it, I decided I want to jog my next 5K.  It won’t be too soon.  I need to allow my low back muscles to rest.  I’m going to adjust my weights on Activtrax.   I am giving God the Glory for allowing me to be part of Rob’s Big Losers and helping me on my way to better health.  I want to go on a mission trip in the near future.  This is preparing me for that and want ever else He has for me.   Thanks again, Rob,  WLFJ, and the Greenville Y’s, for your willingness to help all of us become healthier!  To God be the Glory!!

Lean On God For Understanding

Today’s word is “understanding.” I am curious about what each of us has learned about God, ourselves, and others.  I have realized that God has a deep love for me and that He wants me to live my life for His glory.  I can no longer ignore my need to eat healthier foods and to maintain an active lifestyle.  We have finished only the first chapter of our wellness journey.  I have recognized that I am an inherently lazy person.  I have avoided going to the gym and working out for the majority of my life.  Now, I have had to turn the corner and make a sincere commitment to continue on this journey.  I invite all of us to trust God for every step that is ahead of us. Proverbs 3:5 reminds us how we can reach our goals: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” I can no longer trust myself, but, trust God with ALL of my heart and with ALL of my strength.  When I lack understanding, I only need to ask Him to give me His wisdom and His point of view about which choice I need to make.  I pray that in the day ahead we will all draw closer to God.  Blessings, Linda

HEROES !!!!!!

What an amazing journey it has been. I have had the honor and privilege to be a mentor at the Verdae YMCA this year. Even though we had some fall off during the journey, those who stayed together on this team are incredible. We have been through so much together. This team was and still is determined to stay together and continue this journey TOGETHER !!!! Chapter One … CLOSED. Many more Chapters ahead of us ….  TOGETHER !!!  I have had the amazing opportunity to meet these HEROES and their families. This team had amazing support from their spouses and family members throughout. They came to Boot Camp together, worked out together, encouraged together. What a blessing they have been to me. Our team has prayed together, cried together, laughed together, encouraged together, motivated together and most of all … shared LIFE with each other. BUT … This team stuck together and was there for each other along the way. Not only are we TEAM VERDAE …we are also …TEAM FAMILY VERDAE !!! I have had the privilege of meeting spouses, parents, children and family members of this STRONG TEAM !!!  You guys took  advantage of amazing opportunity … embraced it … applied it … and have seen amazing results in sooooo many ways !!!!! We have already planned our next 5k together and will continue our Boot camps on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

You guys did amazing  at the 5k. It was so incredible watching you guys smiling as you got closer to the finish line and crossed the finish line … YOU DID IT !!!! I watched spouses cross the finish line together. I even witnessed one of the most amazing acts a husband can do for his wife. He pushed her in a wheel chair the entire 5k. Then they walked across the finish line together arm in arm. WOW !!!! That is a moment I will never forget !!!!!

I just want to say … THANK YOU !!! Thank you for the honor and privilege and allowing me to be a small part of your amazing journey !!!! I am looking forward to continuing this Journey together. I love you all !!!!

All of you guys … every single RBLer ….  are truly  HEROES !!!!. People have been praying for you and encouraging you along the way … and you did it !!! Keep going !!! Don’t stop !!! We can ALL do this together !!! ALL RBLers !!!!!

I dedicate this song to ALL RBLers ..

Closing a chapter

Closing a chapter on 12 weeks of RBLs.. The 5k was a fun day of all coming together to celebrate our new healthy lifestyles. It was such a blessing to be apart of. Thank you again for the kick start. I encourage you, if you want to make a change …, don’t wait!!! Start today!! You will feel more alive than ever!!!!  Heres to better health.

Fix Our Eyes On The Unseen

Today’s word is “unseen.” Today, at Rob’s 5K, there was so much to see and to take in, before, during, and after the Run.  I was encouraged by every participant, YMCA staff member, and family member who came to cheer us on to victory.  My heart was full of thanks for the partnership God formed between His Radio and the YMCA locations in Greenville county.  All but one of the Eastside Team arrived bright and early this morning.  The atmosphere was so inspiring and my daughter in love, who ran by my side, made my heart soar.  As I looked around, I came to an exciting realization.  There were “runners” of all  shapes and sizes and I fit right in with everyone.  We blended in with each other in our blue tee shirts.  I did not feel any competition with those around me.  I only felt a strong sense that I really needed to do my best and to “run” as hard as I could.  The course had a variety of up hills and down hills.  We took turns passing each other.  My favorite part was running down the last hill toward the finish line.  I was lagging behind my sweet partner and she encouraged me to sprint a little harder.  I answered her call and happily sprinted across the finish line!!  Afterwards, when I was driving home, God spoke to me and reminded me that what we saw today is not all there is to life.  2 Corinthians 4:18 makes it clear where our focus needs to be:  “So, we do not focus on what is seen, but, on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but, what is unseen is eternal.”  Today, God was there in our midst.  He wants us to keep our eyes on Him and to focus on eternal things.  There are only two things that are eternal:  God’s Word (Jesus Christ who became flesh and dwelt among us) and the souls of every human being.  I pray that during every moment of every day, we will ask God to give us His eyes to see hurting souls who need Jesus Christ.  May our hearts also beat with God’s unconditional love and compassion for lost souls.  May God use us to show others how to receive God’s gifts of forgiveness and eternal life with Jesus Christ.  Blessings, Linda

I can’t believe this is it…

I can’t believe this is it!  I am both humbled and excited about today.  I feel like that after this 5K is over that it is just day 1 of the rest of my life.  I feel like God has given me a new lease on life and, as the Tim McGraw song says, “my next 30 years I want to watch my weight.”  All I can say is thank you to Rob, Sue, and the rest of the GIT Team.  Thank you also to Troy for encouraging me through his responses on here.  Thank you to my wife and boys, church family and countless others that have never ceased to encourage me!   I am so humbled!  God has been so good to me!  Thanks again! 

In Christ, BRAD