Journey to Health

Hi, I’m Christy.

Back in May I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  The doctor told me that more than likely I would need to go on insulin and there was a chance that I may always be a diabetic because of my weight.  They started me out with doing sugar checks 4 times a day, medication and a very strict diet.  I followed that diet almost perfectly.  I say almost because there are so many “secret” ingredients that are in prepared foods that I didn’t know about at first. The first week on that diet, I had physical withdraw symptoms similar to what I have seen described on TV.  My skin felt like it was crawling with bugs because I could not have that sugary soda anymore and I had bad headaches for almost a month.  That was enough to wake me up and see what I had been doing to my body, besides the pain in my legs and feet from carrying the 155 lbs of extra weight from the fat I had accumulated.  I saw what my future held for me if I didn’t make some permanent changes to my life.

After I had the baby, I was able to go completely off meds and never had to go on insulin during the pregnancy.  I actually lost weight during my pregnancy, something doctors usually don’t like to see but was ok with it because of how heavy I was.  I attribute it to changing my eating habits so drastically.  I’m not out of the woods yet.  The doctors say that I will continue to be at risk for diabetes for the next three years, but the risk decreases the more weight I am able to get rid of.

When I heard that it was time to sign up for RBL, I felt like this was my chance to really take getting healthy to a whole new level. I am so looking forward to this journey to get fit and healthy.

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