one step two step three step four…

Five steps six steps 7 steps more..  My legs burn, my feet hurt, i can feel my heart pumping faster and faster. I want to stop but i don’t, its only been a few minutes. So i say a few more come on i can do it. I keep moving and eventually look down at my phone, wow its been 30 minutes. Ok that wasn’t bad i can keep going. And then boom its been an hour. I can’t believe it i look down in the stroller and the baby is sound asleep i look up the hill and my other two kids are playing on the swing sets. They don’t know what i have just done but deep down i am so proud of myself! I know that next time my son wants to go outside and play soccer i can do it with him. I won’t be embarrassed, i won’t feel like I’m going to pass out, but I’ll have fun and know that i am doing all i can to be a healthier mom to my kids! Another day another step! Eventually i will reach my finish line.

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