What an exciting journey it has been so far?

Hello, my name is Brad Finley and I am currently serving as the student pastor at Clearview Baptist Church in Travelers Rest.  I am married to one (Jessica) and have two awesome boys (Houston, Parker).

Growing up, I was involved in a lot of sports activities but as I grew older I developed a love for the game of football.  When I entered the 9th grade, I really had a dream to play college football and as I continued through my high school career that dream intensified.  I played offensive line and if you know anything about the game on the college level the bigger and stronger you are the better you are.  To say the least, my coaches encouraged me to gain weight and lots of it.  My 9th grade year in high school I weighed 220 lbs and by the end of my freshman year in college I weighed 285 lbs.

On September 11, 2004, my wife and I had our first date.  As our relationship grew closer, I knew that this woman was the one God intended for me to marry.  At the time, I was eating a lot but also lifting weights with very little cardio.  Honestly, my wife asked me what I wanted… either to marry her or keep on lifting weights.  Obviously, I wanted to marry her, but in order for that to happen I had to graduate from college which meant not as much time in the weight room.  At that time, I quit lifting weights and focused on college… there was just one HUGE problem… my eating habits never changed.

On August 15, 2007, my wife and I moved to Bardwell, KY in order for me to accept the student pastor position at Bardwell Baptist Church.  When we moved I weighed 265 lbs but over the course of 6 years my weight ballooned to 330 lbs.  On May 12, 2013, my wife and I moved to Travelers Rest.  I desired to be healthy… I knew I needed to be healthy… most importantly I understood that my eating habits were not what God intended.  So at the end of 2014, I decided to enter Rob’s Biggest Loser.  I was thrilled when I got the call that I had been selected.  On January 20, 2015, Rob’s Biggest Loser kicked off and from that point until now I have really tried to do this contest the way it needs to be done.  I also understand that I will never finish this contest without God’s help!  Daily, it is a struggle but since the 20th I know for a fact I have lost 10 lbs.  God is good but I must remember… this is just the beginning of an exciting journey to getting healthy!

In Christ,


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