Change isn’t Always Fun and Games

Hi ya’ll this is Suzy Sullivan again and I just want to share I love a lazy Sunday afternoon that includes a wonderful peaceful nap that just kind of continues.  After preaching two times I hit a point of tired I cannot even describe.  Which means after church service number 2 we tend to grab munchies for the car ride home or plan to have Sunday lunch eating out.  You know where a really good place to eat is for a Sunday lunch – a buffet especially a Chinese buffet.  Eat a lot of food in a little bit of time and can fix a really small dinner unless one chooses to snack throughout the night and dishes and cooking are not even needed!  Score!  Well that is the past (maybe recent past) but that habit is no longer. After lunch would be the nap and then why change out of comfy clothes AKA pajamas when becoming a vegetable in front of the television sounds so good!  This was not our household this past Sunday.  We did grab lunch but opted for subway sandwiches (I really like the oven roasted chicken and veggies!).  My husband and myself got a 12 inch each (lunch and dinner covered YAY!) and my son had one of their kid’s meals and lunch was $18 which is almost $12 cheaper than when we did the buffet lunch – oh so long ago (like last week 😦  We enjoyed lunch together and then a short Sunday nap (I am no good to anyone without a little beauty rest!)  My husband sadly had to work which meant my four year old and I were to figure out how to spend the day.  I changed from comfy clothes to workout clothes and asked my son if he would like to take our dog Belle for a walk around the neighborhood.  I really couldn’t tell you who was happier – the dog (who sadly has not had a good walk in a long while – she ran around our house in happy whimpers as we got ready – my son who loves outside – or that with a change of routine could please both (and get in a workout that didn’t feel at all like a workout).  We talked about nests, and cats, and running, and listening, and directions, and numbers – you know a good heart to heart with a four year old without tv distraction or exhaustion but a lighthearted fun kind of afternoon that was limitless of possibilities.  Sunday was a great day of change.  Monday – not so much.  I remembered why going to the gym can be a challenge.  The gym can be fun and encouraging and wonderful to feel those energetic releases.  But those bursts of success and happiness come after a lot of planning!  A LOT!  So many daily distractions that can discourage, can frustrate, can just cause messy stress.  Three times I had to rearrange my schedule to be able to get my little one ready for his karate class, grocery shop, run a couple of errands, prepare dinner, and finish the garbage and other odds and ends around the house so that workout time will be feasible.  Several projects were dropped, postponed, and forgotten.  Several calls for my husband to meet us in a different location so as a family we could conquer the workout.  There was a desperate call to my mom to say I can’t do it!  This is too much! I am going to fail.  And as life happens – she wasn’t available.  So a quick prayer to God – this is work God, I am tired, I am weary.  One of my favorite Bible verses echoed in the back of my thoughts – “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28.But this workout is important and whether I am late or whether the workout isn’t perfect we are going to get it done!  I was rewarded with the encouraging sight of two of my teammates at the gym, the smile of my son who has been so excited to come to the “gym” with mom and dad so we can work out and he can do the all too important task of playing, and a husband who promised me that we would do this together.  Can I tell you how cool it was to talk to my teammates passing several minutes of my workout while I continued riding the bike.  I didn’t feel like I was being rude nor did they seem to notice or mind.  Like this is just how we live our lives, like active healthy individuals.  And also if I needed that last pat of encouragement a gentleman approached me to tell me what a good thing this was and he was happy to see me making a change and glad that I have the opportunity.  Me too sir!  I am a lady beyond blessed – thank you all you have given this opportunity, shared in this blessing and those you have supported me in ways I could never imagine!!!  Change may not always be fun and games but it can lead to the delightful surprise of bountiful blessings!  God Bless and let’s continue to get healthy together 🙂

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