So it was a week ago today that Rob called me down to be part of the 12 week health and wellness program .  The funny thing is I have always known what to do and what was unhealthy, and I needed to workout.  But I got lazy very lazy, I found excuse after excuse, why I needed to eat chicken wings instead of a grilled chicken breast or why I should watch a 2 hour long program on tv instead of walking.  Not any more! Bob Dylan said it best for this moment, “For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they are a-changing.”

So how am I doing this:

1. Scheduling my life around exercise. There is time everyday to workout, schedule it and make it a priority

2. Eat clean. Find alternatives to eating my old ways and add more veggies to my favorite dishes. Snack on fruits.

3. Prepare Prepare Prepare. I took Sunday to wash, clean and bag fresh fruit so it’s ready to go for this week.

I have made these changes by myself and I am looking forward to meeting with my well-ness coach on Wednesday to see what he recommends. So I can learn more and get healthy.  #rbl2015

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