First Actual Workout

Today was the beginning for me. I know a lot of people have already started and to be honest I wish I was one of them but that is OK I will make up for it as I go.

It all started today when a friend of mine at work asked if I was interested in going for a walk. Now for many that is not a big deal for me I used, key word USED, to do that but got out of the Habit. Will never do that again. You know downtown Greenville is a nice place to walk when you have the chance. However today was a day that for some reason was cold when walking and at times, not real sure why may be due to the weather but hey that is just a guess…. Sorry went to left field for a second. ANY WAY back to the walk the person I walked with does this everyday and is used to some of the Hills when you get down to the Peace Center and come back up the road behind it. Well I was not about to quit so I decided to try and keep pace with here although that pace towards the end got a little slower than she was used to.

This may be a good time to thank my friends who are encouraging me on this journey.

Well tonight was my FIRST night at the YMCA in TR to do an actual work out. Well I must say that it has been a very long time since I did a lot of what I was scheduled to do through Active Trax. I know we have a Mentor and I am grateful for that because if it was up to me to pick the REPS and the weight I needed to do I probably would not get very far.

I kind of felt a little silly asking someone what exactly some of the exercises were but hey got to go with the flow if you going to accomplish your goals.

I was OK on doing the Resistance Workout and for those that know me and read this the Resistance was NOT me wanting to do this but the actual work with the weights . Everything was going well UNTIL….. I learned what true torture can be…. CRUNCHES….. Whoever thought of those really likes to see what people can endure.

I made it through them BUT will say that the next time I do them I will be ready, will pray beforehand and ask for the strength I need to get through those bundles of joy. Seriously though they are great for working on your core and I do need a lot of work there.

Ended the night taking another nice walk on the treadmill which WHO knew that Today you can program it with some info and listen to music and other things on them. Last time I was on one of those was to many years ago to count.

Well better end this for tonight so I can go and relax a little before tomorrow and when I start working the legs as well as take a couple of nice long walks.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone on TEAM TR does as well as how everyone else does while taking part in #RBL2015

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