ER Blues …..

Thank you so much for your support #RBL2015.

I said on Monday that I was going to be back to the gym on Tuesday. Woke up Tuesday morning with a funny pain in my tummy. I ignored it. By 8am the pain was no longer ignorable. It was crippling. I still tried to ignore it. I downed some pain killers, got the kids ready and shipped them off to school.

The pain did not stop. For hours I endured this pain. Finally at 4pm I could not take it any longer. Went to the ER. The nurses and the doctors did their poking and make it worst. I literally thought that last night was the end of me. Not even the morphine could numb this pain.

Lord Jesus Help! I cried.

After hours of poking and scanning the doctor finally came up with a diagnosis. He said that I have a stomach infection. … A what??  Where did I get this?? … Who knows!

After several hours of narcotics I was finally comfortable.

Today my head is woozy. My body feels funny and I am just in a state of “Thank you Jesus!!!!”

I am so thankful to God for his mercies. This little ER trip could have gone so wrong. I was in sooooo much pain. I called on the Lord and he delivered me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you JESUS !!!! Jesus NEVER fails!!

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