This week has been one hectic week!  I feel like I am having to fight everything to get into get a workout in.  Yeah there is stuff I could do at home, and I do,  but its just not the same as being at the gym.  At home, it seems like I start to sweat and those big cushy chairs call my name.  Or the phone rings. Or the baby cries.

I did weight myself today and I lost the 4 pounds that I had gained several weeks back for whatever reason.  I am beginning to think that I wasn’t getting enough calories for the amount of calories that I am burning during workouts.  The last few days, I was still eating healthy but not counting everything as close as I was and I know that my calories in had to be significantly higher.  I had been reading from several sources that if you don’t lose even with hard workouts that your body will go into starvation mode.  So, this week, I am going to concentrate not so much on calories but on getting lots of veggies and healthy things and see if I can continue on this trend.

I am really loving going to workout and I am finding a lot a new things to like.  Some of the things that I loved in the beginning, like the treadmill, I can’t stand now.  Other things, like cycle class, I hated the first time but love it now.  I signed up for beast mode fundamentals class tomorrow.  I am not sure what I am getting myself into but I am going to do it with everything I have got.

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