A Little Shaky

Well I feel like I started this thing so strong, but the last 2 weeks have been very different. I have had a lot of financial stress, work stress, sickness in my own body and in my children’s. I had been working out twice a day and for the past 2 weeks it has mostly just once. Waking up at 4:15 has gotten harder. I have turned that thing off almost everyday! Then, I have the best intentions about going each evening, but have found things popping up to stop me. I am ashamed to say that I have worked out about 4 times each week for the last two weeks. Now, if I wasn’t in this competition that would sound like a great thing. But it  is not enough to lose weight. I have been up and down the same 4 pounds. I know that I need to get motivated again. I need to lay my stress at his feet. I need to go to bed earlier. I need to be very careful about what I put in my mouth. I haven’t been awful with my eating, but I have eaten several things out of stress not hunger! I am learning during this journey that that will be my victory. I am sure that is why I am struggling with the stress so much right now. He is teaching me things.

I am probably not going to win this thing, but I sure am learning what it takes to be a winner for life with this life long struggle I have lived. Please pray for the victory over this!

I will wake up to go to the gym. I will eat only when I am hungry. I will make wise food choices. I will keep my health and continue to improve it daily! I will be an overcomer! I press towards the mark!!

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  1. Oh how I felt and “heard” your frustration. But how wonderful you are doing!!! It might not be the amazing routine you started with for RBL2015 but think of how your faithfulness is carrying you through this stressful time. We are real people with real lives and real struggles. And if you are submerged with that many challenges and still making it to the gym 50% of the days or better! Wow that is success! You have really made changes – imagine 9 – 10 weeks ago 4 visits to the gym I bet would be outstanding! Wouldn’t you have been impressed with that person’s dedication? Great news you’re that person! In 2 months you have changed your outlook, ability, and awareness! I pray for relief from your stressors and applaud your awesome work!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Suzy. I really wanted to come into this thing and win! I was so determined. I still am, but realization that working two jobs, being a mom, and just life in general can slow us down, but not make us stop. Thanks again for the support.

  3. Freida, i read your post and I understand how you feel. If you can just not quit and keep at it you will still be winning. You are winning over your previously less-healthy lifestyle towards better health. That’s how I am looking at it , personally. You are making new friends who are on the same road as you. Just hang in there. You can do this.

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