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Glynnis Whitwer: Do you feel like things will never change?

Do you feel like things will never change?

Have you ever felt like you’ve worked your hardest, poured your heart out, sacrificed more than you ever expected, only to feel like things will never change?

Relationship, finances and personal goals can be like that.  They can drain the life right out of you, especially when you are hoping, expecting and praying for changes that just don’t seem to happen.

And when things don’t go according to plan, it’s easy to throw our hands in the air, and declare that some things will NEVER change!

I’ve been going through a few situations like that, with my personal goals and with people I love.

One of my biggest life challenges has been my weight.  It seems I’m always trying to lose weight. So three months ago I determined once again, “to get serious.”  I signed up with a trainer at my gym, and started keeping track of what I ate with a food diary. One where I didn’t cheat, and kept to my ridiculously low daily calorie allotment. And I really have been faithful at the gym.

But the scale has been quite stubborn.  I was celebrating a few pounds lost and then Super Bowl Sunday happened.  I only splurged a bit, but gained back what I had lost.  How is that even possible???

Then, when I lost 2 pounds, I went to my trainer all proud of myself, and bragged that he should recheck my body fat percentage. After all, I’d been working out faithfully for almost three months, and knew some muscles had gotten stronger. But that junky little machine he used showed I lost only .1 percent.  So we tried it again, and it showed I’d gained a full percentage of body fat. Really?  It took all my mature restraint to not throw it the tone woman walking by me. How dare she?

This has been the tipping point many a times, in many different situations.  Discouragement overwhelms me. I want to raise the white flag and admit defeat.  Eat a whole pizza. Why bother? Nothing will ever change.

But this time, I did something different.  I didn’t quit.  How novel!

I told my negative self-talk to quiet down.  I reminded myself that I have the mind of Christ. And decided that even if the scale is a bully, I’m still going to get my self to the gym, and eat smart.

My weight loss isn’t happening like I wanted. But at least I’ve changed the direction I was heading.

I don’t know what you feel like giving up on today, but can I encourage you to press on?

You are smart, capable and have the mind of Christ too.  You can decided to quit or keep moving in the right direction. Maybe your progress isn’t a quick as you wish it were, but at least you aren’t going backwards.

Next week, when I feel like quitting again, I’m going to come back to my blog and read this post. And I invite you to join me here too.



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