Oh My Goodness the Calories

I never knew that each meal I used to eat on a weekly basis had so many calories! Even if was small portions probably two meals would have equaled the total 1800 calories that a person should eat in one day. When I started paying attention to the calories in food it blew my mind! Part of me asked why would people make this stuff, then a part of me thought why would people eat this stuff? Well I knew the answer to that one, because it tastes good. But I wonder if people took the time to read all of the nutritional information, (or not so nutritional) info would they still eat it. It’s hard, but the worst part is all those people who look down on heavy people eat the same things, or help produce, make, or cook the food. But all of our bodies are different. Just because someones body has a good metabolism doesn’t make them a healthy person. I have cut down my calorie intake by a lot compared to when I started this journey, but I know I still have some big changes to make in the way I eat!

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