Send North America, David Platt and Passion Band!!

Billy, our trainer, loves Actitrax.  Our challeng is 3 Actitrax with as much Cardio we can do.   Wednsday night we went to Taylor’s First Baptist for Send North America.  The Passion Band lead worship and it helped prepare us for David Platt’s message.   He shared a story of  2 men in India that God lead to go to a remote village and ask how can I pray for your village?  They walked all the way through the village waiting to engage with some one, finally a man asked them what are you doing here?  They asked him about how can they pray for the village.  He responded with, “Do you know Jesus?”   They said we would like to share with you and your family.  He took them to his house and they shared, the whole household accepted Christ.  They told them to share with others in twos.  Within a short time the whole village had accepted Christ.  This part of the world was in spiritual darkness for thousand of years.   After that 350 villages received “The Good News”, just starting from 2 men that  obeyed  God’s prompting. As Christians we make it so difficult, but the Gospel doesn’t require  us to be a Pastor or Seminary trained.  If you don’ t know Him, I’d be glad to share with you anytime.

In Christ, Paula Eill

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