Achieve God’s Goals For Your Life

Today’s word is “achieve.” Please ask yourself some questions. “What goals did I set for myself at the beginning of this wellness journey with Rob?”  “Which of these goals have I achieved in the last eight weeks?” “What are some additional goals for the future?” In order to determine if we have “achieved” anything, we need to have set some goals for ourselves.  I have tried to focus on how my body is changing.  I focus on how my clothes fit differently and how other clothes can now be worn after eight weeks.  I have not worried myself about how much I weigh.  I think my weight loss has been moderate, nothing dynamic.  But, I am okay with the changes that have been taking place.  Today, I can testify that I have visited the gym every day for sixty-one days in a row.  For me, that is a miracle. It may sound like I am bragging. But, I am not.  My poor husband has bought me several gym memberships in the past and I have only lasted a week or two at the most.  God told me this was a test to see if I could keep my commitment to Him to utilize the gift of a YMCA gym membership.  I am thankful that He has made it possible for me to achieve this goal.  I look forward to being faithful to this commitment for the rest of my life.  I pray that Psalm 20:4 will encourage each of you,   ”May God give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”  Blessings, Linda

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