being pulled in two directions

This was a crazy busy week for me.  I had one responsibility after another come up and I felt pulled between doing something at home or working out at the gym.  I am learning that there are times I may have to miss out on some small things in order to keep up with my workouts like I should.  For instance, Thursday night was science fair at my daughters school and our group workout night which were both at the same time.  It feels like I am being pulled apart because I really want to be at the science fair but yet I made a commitment to my family to get healthy and get down to a normal size.  If I don’t go to one workout its too easy for me to just keep skipping out on them so unless it is something seriously important, working out comes first for now.  My daughter is old enough to understand that this part of my life (working out so hard) is just temporary.  That eventually I will just need to workout to maintain my weight.  She understands that in the long term this benefits her much more because we can do the fun and active things that she has longed to do with me for so long.  But still, my mommy heart aches a little bit for what I am missing out on.

On another note, my husband went on our group run together.  It was the first time that he has seen how hard I actually work out.  It’s a side he has never seen before in me and really I have never seen in myself.  I went to a beast mode class last week and I loved it.  It was the first time on this journey that I felt like that was my place.  Don’t get me wrong, it was the hardest thing that I have ever done before in my life but the sense of accomplishment afterward beats it all.

This coming week, I am going to get back into my running again.  I had taken a few days off because I felt some pain in my knee (I think from slipping in some mud during last weeks 5k) so this week I have got to get back into that.  I would love more than anything to be able to run the whole thing during Robs Run April 18th.

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