Still Eating Pizza

So I have a confession to make, I am still eating pizza! Really good pizza, the kind that has just the right amount of gooey cheese and those little toasted brown spots and makes your mouth water. The type of pizza that has tasty toppings that explode with flavor. Plenty of oregano,basil, and garlic. Truly gourmet pizza! To be honest, I am eating the same pizza cold for lunch while typing this blog, and yes it is still delectable and delicious. I do like adding red pepper flakes to add that piquant zip. I even eat more that I should. I am proud to say I do all of this without a shred of guilt. I can’t help it, I love the stuff

Could not wait to cut into it

Could not wait to cut into it

There is one thing I can help though, I can decide whether its healthy or not. Let me tell you, my pizza is healthy,very healthy. I mean it has pepperoni, grilled chicken,olives,pepperoncinis and even some pesto, and the crust…OMG. The crust was to die for. Healthy and zero guilt, oh did I mention there was absolutely no flour used in the crust, and that the pepperoni was turkey pepperoni. The pesto had all of the usual suspects, garlic,olive oil,basil, but it also had kale and chickpeas in it. See the crust was made from cauliflower, yep thats right cauliflower. Now I will say that the prep time on my pizza was a bit longer than most people would want to spend in the kitchen, but the payoff was extraordinary! Especially if you have been craving that good pizzeria pizza while on this journey. Who am I kidding, I know there is some of y’all out there still eating Dominos & Papa John’s, shame on you.

Seriously though this pizza is without a doubt heavenly. Now I am a Chef and I was still amazed how well the crust turned out. Once the work was completed and I pre-baked the crust, I was floored. It looked and smelled like the real deal. I didnt want to taste the crust until I had made a complete pizza, thinking that the adding of sauce and toppings would complete the flavor profile and giving a truer sense of a what it was supposed to taste like. Again, I was amazed when the pies emerged from the incinerator, I mean oven. They were just simply angelic. Ok so I love Christ and I am a Chef, I guess that explains all of the spiritual adjectives and symbolism.  Back on track, it really was divine. Loaded with healthy veggies and lean protein whats not to like. The best thing about this is all the different variations you can come up with,the options are endless. Pintrest and the internet are loaded with all kinds of recipes, so Buon appetito!



Could not wait to cut into it

Could not wait to cut into it

You see I have come too far and put in too much time,energy and passion to turn back now. I took the the gift His Radio, Rob and the Greenville County YMCA gave us and ran with it. I mean WOW what an opportunity. As I was going through some spring and summer clothes today I dug out my swimming trunks and, well let me tell you they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well then I am finished typing…


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