Week 9

Interesting title for this one…. here we are beginning week 9 and this is going to be the hardest week so far. Mainly because of all the stuff that is going on this week with trying to get workouts and walks in to getting ready for the Drama at church.

I did find out this week that right now I am not made for running. I have tried various times to do it but my knees will not take me trying to run. I know it is because I am still too heavy but I am still working on walking and getting a faster pace when I do.

Monday night I was able to do the following:



Avg Pace

When I checked my pace at 3.1 miles I was at 1 hour and 2 minutes. I am going to work on getting to where I can walk the 5k between 50 and 55 minutes. That is still a good pace and I have about 4 weeks to get it there.

It may not be running but until I can get my legs ready for that and especially my knees I can still work on walking faster and faster. Right now just need to keep reaching for the goal of doing the 5k in under an hour. Once that is done I will concentrate on doing a 10k in under 2 hours trying to reach the 1.5 hour mark which will average about 15 minutes per mile. This can be done but all that needs to be done to do it is to not quit. Right now that word is not being entertained and when it is I will be looking for a lot of support to help keep me on the right track and not give up.

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