Behind but still here

This morning is Wednesday, the day I have been weighing in for the last 9 weeks. I am up 1.5 pounds. But, as my mother would say, “Look how many good things you have done.” As a family we have stopped drinking milk, stopped eating corn chips and dip and begun to work out on a mostly regular basis. We have also tried to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. If I were to compare myself to my teammates, I would be very down because they are kicking butt. But, in my older age, I am learning to stop that. My friend Mary Ann Carpenter, even though she cannot swim has gotten us all into the water for the Water Bootcamp class. It is great! She is an amazing woman and I admire her very much. Then there is Troy Compton. He is an animal! He is losing so much weight and making so much progress that his life will never be the same. His whole family dynamic is changing.

What I have to keep in mind is that I have not given up. Some of our team have quit and I miss them very much. But the thing is, it took a decade to put on this weight and it will take longer than 12 weeks to take it all off. So, none of this is anything new. It’s new to me to not be all or nothing,  black or white. My personality is very extreme naturally and I am learning to find the grey areas, the in-between parts of a thing. So I’ve lost the same 3 or four pounds these last few weeks. It’s because I failed to work out the number of times I said I would each week too. I set my bar too low. But, I know I need a more powerful “why”. I need to get a bunch of pictures and place them around my house to remind me where I am going. A blogging friend of mine calls it a Vision Board. Even though I have had dream boards or vision boards before, it wasn’t enough to motivate me in the long run. There are many layers to this process and the fact that I have not quit is a big positive for me.

The other thing I need to keep up is this circle of friends on the same road as me. We have only till April 18th to be an official team then it’s over. I would like to see us keep in touch, continue in this same direction and stay focused till we all reach our goals and beyond that. This is a lifestyle change. We are changing. Little by little and day by day. The changes that are lasting for me are very small ones. What an epiphany that is. Cheers!

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  1. Allison … I am extremely proud of you !!! You work hard and have an amazing attitude and give 1000 percent when your at the gym. This is a journey “TOGETHER” !!! Its never over. Our team will always be there for each and encourage each other throughout this journey. We will ALL continue to do our workouts and boot camps TOGETHER !!! I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL NOT TURN MY BACK ON ANY RBLers WHATSOEVER !!! We can do this !!! And WE WILL !!!!

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