This journey is really a series of decisions.  Each day when I get up I have to decide if I am willing to make healthy choices with what I eat & if I am willing to exert some energy in exercise.  Sometimes that is a minute by minute thought process.  In order to keep on track with my goal, I must stay focused on my goal.  The goal to feel better, to be able to enjoy life more, and to be able to do the activities that I enjoy.

Deb Sofield blogged the other day that “Your past is not your future, you have the power to make new decisions for your life starting today.”  I printed that out and put it on my desk as a daily reminder that I am responsible for making those decisions for myself.  Nobody else can do that for me, I have to decide to take hold of my life and choices.  I have the power to change.  I love this quote too…Change quote

Those decisions pay off too.  Just today a co-worker commented on my weight loss.  Feels good when others notice. Feels even better to realize it in yourself & to feel so much better!

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