JUMP !!!!!!


I really want to encourage ALL RBLers … You guys are awesome !!! You guys have taken this opportunity and absolutely KILLED IT !!! Committed, dedicated and loyal to yourself and your fellow team mates. You understand THE JOURNEY. This is not a sprint. The journey must go on after Aril 18th !! That date is just a chapter that will end and another chapter will begin on April 19th. Stay strong right now, This chapter is gonna have an amazing ending. But the book has many chapters in it. Don’t close the book on yourself right now !!! So close to ending this chapter. We can ALL do this together !!!! We can ALL help each other and encourage each other … YOU GOT THIS !!!!  MAKE THE JUMP !!!!!

To all the RBLers that have given up. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ….come back. We were all together at the kick off. You made a decision to enter a contest so you could learn some basic DO’s and DONT’s with nutrition and exercise. We all have life challenges and obstacles that we deal with everyday. I really want to encourage ALL RBLers to please come back. Don’t turn your back on this journey. Its worth investing some time and energy to improve your health. One question …. DO YOU REMEBER WHY YOU ENTERED THIS CONTEST ?? Please reflect and commit to coming back. We are all here to help and encourage you anyway that we can. I promise you this …. NOBODY WILL EVER TURN THEIR BACK ON YOU AT ALL WHEN YOU COME BACK !!!!! We all started a journey together at different Greenville Y locations. Lets all cross the finish line together on April 18th. I know you have the desire and courage to want to make a lifestyle change. Come on back and we will do this together !!!


Love you all !!! I get so encouraged reading your blogs !!!!

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