Okay so, today has been long and exhausting to begin with and then it became time for group workout! I get there, already feeling tired, and try to give it my all. Usually, I don’t do TOO awfully bad but this time it was kicking my butt! I actually got shaky, heart was pounding so hard I thought it would beat right out of my chest, and I could not breathe!!! I think I was taking too short of breaths so I got to where I was doing more and more and still not catching my breath and I was in the middle of an exercise and felt like I was just about to pass out and was actually getting a little worried about myself and to make matters worse, we were doing a group team thing so I really felt like I was letting my team down! However, I have the most amazing team and coaches! They were cheering me on and also telling me to take my time and go as I could go! As I am down there trying to push myself back up, about in tears, I could hear their encouragement, right there next to me to help me along. That is an AMAZING feeling. I have an AWESOME team!! I kept pushing through because of them! You don’t even know what that meant to me! Can never thank them enough!!!!! Go Caine Halter!!! You guys ROCK!!! 🙂

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