Well that smarts

I am really needing to do more stretching when I do long walks or even work out. I may have learned this the hard way but really not sure.

Since Tuesday my right hamstring has been sore and when I lean to get up from a chair if I hit it just right my whole leg is in some good amount of pain. But I will work through this and do what I can.

Tonight was supposed to be a lower body work out but with the leg bothering me I was able to get it switched to an Upper body work out. I tend to like those more anyway and it keeps me off the torture device known by many as the Adductor.

This is going to be an interesting week since I am not going to be able to go to the Y for the rest of the week due to the Drama but I will work in some cardio over the next few days and work on my diet which has slowed down again seems I have hit a plateau and I need to find a way to break through it to start losing some more.

I may not be losing the pounds right now but I am being told by many that they can tell I am losing some wight and they can see a difference in my face (looking leaner) and also that my waist seems to be getting a little smaller (well at least tighter) which is god because that Dunlapped thing is getting old and I will be glad to get rid of more of it. For those not sure what I mean it is where your Belly has Dun Lapped over your belt.

Enjoy tomorrow and I will post another over the weekend x(probably between performances).

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