life situations aren’t setbacks

This Monday, my 5 month old was in the hospital.  I did get a workout in at the ymca on Monday before we got the call that she would be admitted.  I thought for sure that this week would be a huge setback for me and that I would lose everything I had worked so hard to accomplish this last nine weeks.  I did have a few moments where I did not eat the healthiest things.  Some of it was stress eating, some of it just out of necessity that I needed food and I had to choose what was readily available.  The cafeteria did have lots of healthy options, but many of them were out of my price budget.  After the first day, I found out that there was a refrigerator on the pediatric floor that I could keep food in so that’s what I did and it was much easier (and cheaper) to eat right after that.

I did even manage to get a few walks in.  There was actually quite a bit I could to to keep moving.  While it may not have been the high intensity workouts I had been doing, I found several things that I could do right in the room while the baby was sleeping, like lunges, squats, crunches, etc.  I also learned that while I may not be able to be gone for an hour at a time, I could slip away for 15 minutes at a time and take a little walk or even walk the stairs instead of elevator.

We are home now and I am so thankful for that one because my baby is feeling better but also that I learned that having something in life that keeps you from doing a full scale workout you can still do a few small things and it still work.  I actually lost a few pounds.  I also learned that eating some of the junk I did while at the hospital causes havoc to my body now.  My stomach started cramping up within just a few mintues of eating and really didn’t taste good at all anymore.  I actually started craving my carrots, salad and yogurt that eat on a daily basis now.  It was also a reminder of what my sedentary lifestyle was like.  I use to be able to sit for hours, but I found myself not being able to sit for long periods of time.  I had to get up and move.  So, yeah, what feared so much about having a bad week, ended up being a really good one because I found that being healthy makes me feel so much better.

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  1. Amen! Praise God to your daughter returning home and Yay for your insight and reminders how far you and your lifestyle has came! You are an inspiration 🙂

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