You guys are turning the corner. Can you believe it ? 3 weeks until the 5k !!! How exciting !!! You have gotten stronger and more determined than ever !! Some of you have had to buy new clothes, some decreasing some medication or even no longer taking medication !!! Can you believe it ??? It works. Eating smart and  along with an exercise program … SUCCESS !!! BUT …. We are not gonna stop on April 18th. We are all gonna celebrate the chapter we are about to close on April 18th. Then chapter 2 begins TOGETHER !!!! All of you RBLers are such an inspiration !!! All of you RBLers are SUPER HEROES !!!! You have an “S” on your chest !!! Just think, if we can all stay focused and determined throughout …. how amazing and awesome you will look and feel on the beach this summer !!!! YOU GUYS GOT THIS !!!! STAY STRONG !!!!

As a mentor at Team Verdae …. UNREAL !!!! What a team we have. We have had some drop out of the program for some reason, but those who have stayed determined and strong …. YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROES !!!! What an honor and privilege to have had heard your stories …. working hard together, sweating together, praying together and encouraging each other all along the way !!!! Truly an amazing experience for me !!!  Today was  one of the best moments of this journey. I didn’t exercise or work up a sweat today … BUT … I was able to go an witness one of our team mates get baptized. Troy Compton has changed his life in so many ways !!!! He has taken this journey to an incredible level. Him and his wife, Keri, have learned and applied  so much and are seeing a lot of success. BUT …. most importantly …. Troy made a public confession that his SPIRITUAL WALK is also changing !!! This is what this journey is all about.  !!!!!  Proud of you Troy !!!!!

Thank you Team Verdae for your hard work and dedication !!! Truly an honor and privilege to travel THE JOURNEY with you guys !!! I look forward to our Boot Camp time and Sharing time on Saturday mornings !!! You are all winners and overcomers for sure !!!

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