Running shoes, who knew?

Well I did it, I broke down and spent some birthday money on a new pair of running shoes. Made a trip to the Greenville Running Company, never knew there was so much that could go in to a pair of running shoes. Not only were there different makes and models, but you can add insoles and lace them up different ways in order to get a better fit, who knew, certainly not me!

I am absolutely sold on their attention to customer service since I needed to switch out of the first pair a couple days in due to a “hot spot” I was getting when using them. Brought those back and I was set up with a second pair of which Jeff, the owner, cut some relief slits that made the soles that much more comfortable and should help with shin splints.

So I am ready to give running another try and hope to get to the place that others say they have gotten where they actually enjoy running. I question whether that is a possibility for me, but will keep at it for a while longer. If I can get beyond the shin splints and tightness I believe I could get to a point where it could become a part of my regular workout routine, wait did i just say that out loud?.

Wish me luck, I’m going to give the new pair their first trial run during tomorrow’s workout! As always, thanks for your support.

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