Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!

    “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.”             – 1 Corinthinians 10: 13

The title of this blog came from a friend’s FB status.  It is one of my favorite quotes (Theodore Roosevelt) and have it written twice in my “working through it” Bible.  So often we or I should say “I” know I am quick to make excuses why certain things don’t get done.  I had a rough couple weeks with some bouts of illness and working out like I was in the beginning just plain hurts.  So I have been walking.  That is still moving the body and if for right now that is what I can handle that is what I can do.  Just because I can’t cycle at full speed or lift the heaviest of weights is that permission to give up.  It means life is happening and readjustments need to happen.  There are some great fitness gadgets out there and if they make the workout easier or are motivating – FANTASTIC!  But if you have to wait to make the purchase that’s not permission to still try.  I am really want a fancy pedometer and have been looking at a fitbit or vivofit.  However, I also need/want some new shoes.  Both can be pricey – the shoes will probably win first purchase but that doesn’t mean I get to sit on the couch until that happens. A trick I’ve used in the past is after a family walk around our neighborhood I will take the car around to map out our mileage.  Its not as high-tech as a machine counting my steps, but it works!   So I may not catch the roadrunner at top speed but I bet I can lap a turtle now and then 🙂  And the expression if I am moving I am beating everyone still sitting on the couch.

Nutrition took a backslide recent and I broke down and had two sodas in the past week.  The first was a Sprite and that first hit of bubbles – Perfect the next sip – super sugary!  Not nearly as refreshing as I remember.  Well Sunday was a tough day – long, and exhausting.  So I was going to treat myself to my favorite soda – Coke!  I used to be able to guzzle these within minutes.  Ummm no! IT bit back!  So sweet and acidic and wow – can I confess I was kind of sad that it wasn’t as good as I remembered?  Even though it will be probably easier to not crave – I kind of miss my old familiar crutch of comfort for both stressful and celebratory moments.  But if I want a new life and transformation it means new habits and new tastes.

I am not the only one getting new taste buds.  As my son and I were out and about having a day of fun (which included a LOT of walking – mall, toy store, and Costco! Whew!) We made our final stop to pick up some items at Costco.  My little one loves the big coolers.  We tend to pick up some of our juicing items here (cucumbers, apples, pineapple, etc) and as we were picking up some of our fridge staples.  My son runs to a 7 lb bag of carrots.  “Mommy we need these – I love carrots!”  Really? I asked.  And he nods with enthusiasm.  And part of me is like walk away and say no – we as a family will not get through 7 lbs of carrots.  And then another part of me is like “Wow, my son is begging for vegetables.”  I told him to grab the other 5 lb bag of baby carrots and he smiles big and throws this huge bag in the cart.  Sure enough for supper he asked for his carrots when I was offering strawberries (favorite) or grapes (close 2nd favorite).  He said “I would really like my carrots.”  Okay as I put a handful on his plate – he ate every single one of them!  Wow!

So yes,  there are gadgets, and fancy recipes, and super fun kitchen items but sometimes it just takes being in the moment, trying your best, with what you have.  I could not have researched and executed  a plan that worked as well to have my son try and like fruits and veggies.  He has been watching us try new things.  Do we love every item we try – no but the variety of vitamins and minerals is still a good thing.  Our son rewards us with a toast of “cheers” every time he is drinking water and catches my husband and I with water.  And how his giggle is infectious and smile so bright when we join him in playing and going for family walks.  The scripture reminds us that all of our actions count in life – may they bring glory to God in all ways.  Let’s keep getting healthier together! God Bless!!!

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