I had a friend who was trying to view my RBL interview using my Facebook link and could not find it, so I reached out to Rob and he was able to steer us in the right direction. As I was sharing the link I decided to watch it once again myself. However, when watching it this time, I had a completely different feeling come over me. I recall a feeling of suffocation coming over me as I was watching the initial interview portion of the interview. This feeling came back as I saw myself again at the heavier weight and listening to how I was breathing during the interview. I must admit that seeing/feeling that further solidified this new journey to health i am on and my determination not to return there again.

To this day I can’t understand how I could have missed the fact that I was putting on all that weight. I know it was a was a slow, gradual increase, but I would have thought at some point it would have struck me what was happening, yet it did not! Now one of my biggest concerns is that I will again become oblivious to the damage I am doing. Only to realize I have once again gained it all back.

I appreciate all those who are lifting me up and supporting me while on this journey, I am Blessed!

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