hiking with the kids

I love to go hiking when I was a kid.  It was one of my aspirations to one day hike all of the Appalachian Trail.  As I gained more and more weight, those aspirations went to the wayside.  We have lived in Greenville for four years now, and almose everyday as I would drive on Wade Hampton Boulevard I would look over at Paris Mountain wishing I could go up there and take a hike.  I never did though because I knew I was just too overweight to try it.

Today, I packed the stroller and loaded the kids up and we took a hike around the lake on Paris Mountain.  It might not seem like much to some, but it was a huge milestone for me and the kids.  I don’t recall a time where they ever got to do something like that with me.  They were so excited to explore and see all the wildlife. They lit up in a way that I haven’t seen them be in a long time.  At one point while they were watching a pack of turtles swim to a log and jump on to sunbathe I teared up a little.  I was so happy that they get to experience these things now, but I am also so sad that they have missed out all these years because of my being unhealthy.

When we were done, they went over to the map that was hanging on the wall and started planning what trail we would go one next time.  I have started looking up other places we can go as well since with the baby we are a little bit limited on what trails we can do with a stroller in tow at least until I can get the money to invest in a baby backpack.

In the beginning of the RBL journey, I was so upset that the kids were fighting me the whole way on the new healthy lifestyle.  Everyone kept encouraging me to just set the example and eventually they will get on board.  I feel like today, that happened.

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  1. What a wonderful achievement in your journey Christy! And to share that special day and feeling with your children is a memory you will cherish always. Keep pushing onward, you are conquering self doubt with every hike you continue to take!

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