A Time For Every Purpose

Today’s word is “time.”  Each one of us have been given twenty-four hours to spend every day.  There may be family or friends who try to influence how we spend our time.  If we are working part-time or full-time, we have constrictions on the use of your time when we are on the job.  Time is a gift that God has given us and we need to ask ourselves several  questions.  How do I spend your day?  How much time do I spend with God? How much time do I spend preparing healthy meals? How much time do I spend “moving” more and sitting on the couch less?  For myself, I can only testify that in January, it was time for me to begin to focus on getting healthier.  It was time to stop making excuses for my unhealthy lifestyle.  I found a valuable little book entitled “Devotions for Dieters.” The author makes some thoughtful statements about timing and dieting.  “There are times in our lives when a diet may be easier.  In times of stress or tragedy, it may be impossible for us to lose weight.  Diets take concentration and commitment.  Things may come up to cause us to fall away from our diets, but we need to get started again as soon as possible.  Just because we fail once doesn’t mean we will fail every time.  Pray for God’s help and guidance.  He will be faithful to help us through the tough times and the times we fail.  God will make our way easier through His companionship and comfort. Today’s thought:  There is no better time to diet than right now!”   Ecclesiastes 3:1 affirms an important truth about time:  “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”  I pray that in the weeks ahead we will all sense that our wellness journeys are in “God’s time.”  Blessings, Linda

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