Surprising myself!

Found myself traveling yet again last weekend however, this time it was for some much needed downtime with my family. My wife and I found time to ride a couple decent (10 mile) rides and enjoyed riding together for the first time, completely awesome.

I was a bit worried about how much weight I may have put back on being it was Easter and we had yet another birthday celebration on top of that. So as I stepped on the scale as lightly as I could in order not to tick it off, I was surprised to see that I was down yet another 2 pounds! I was completely and utterly elated and have come to the realization that not only is this doable, but I am actually doing it and doing it well at that!

I got back to The Y today and did an upper body strength workout then followed that up with a treadmill walk/run. I was surprised yet again in that I was able to run 5 minutes straight without shin splints and getting overly winded. I slowed myself down to ensure I did not over do it, but am looking forward to the next run/walk interval. Did I say I was looking forward to a run? Wow, how things are changing.

Keepin’ on, keepin’ on, thanks to the Lord and your support!

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