Getting Excited

I feel the home stretch approaching,  and I gotta tell you I am getting excited.  I can’t wait to do the 5K with all of the LOSERS.  Somone asked me recently are you excited That your journey is almost over.  I said, WHAT?  Over, its not over.  Yes I am excited, but not because it going to be over, because it will mark just the beginning of the next chapter. I may never be “SKINNY”. I get that,  but I will never go back to what I was.  I look around and approach my life in such a different way.  My health and nutrition has become such a priority in my life.  No more just swinging through the drive through,  or eating 2 dozen wings. I just can’t do that anymore. I still treat myself, if you dont you will fail. My teammate Mary Ann  Carpenter made a comment last night about pizza. She said, “nope it not worth the 30-40 minutes on the treadmill for just one slice”. I agree totally. I mean, just this afternoon I ran into Spinx to by a bag of ice for my cooler of water bottles I keep in my Xterra at all times now.  As soon as I walked in all I could smell was the chicken,  OMG is smelled so good,  but those days are over.

If someone ever wonders why we can’t have quick easy, tasty, fried, not so healthy food anymore. I will just say, because we have used up all of our credit, chances, servings. However you want to put it. Most of use ha e eaten way more than our share of all of the yummy, fatty foods. I feel like you should only eat so much of that kind of food your entire life,  and as far as for us bigger people, we’ve done that way to much early on so we don’t get to enjoy the not so healthy foods anymore. I hope that made some kind of sense. It getting late and I am sleepy.

So let’s finish strong  you bunch of Losers!


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