Can’t Believe It Is Almost Over

This has been a great adventure to be on! Thank you HIS Radio for this opportunity! It seems like I have been working out for just a few short weeks. I wish this wouldn’t end! I plan on continuing this journey on my own, but I love the support that we we have had.

I am seeing some people beginning to post their before and after pictures. Man how inspiring! I am so proud of all of you. I am proud of me. I could have done better, but life happens and we slip up every now and then. But I feel like that is the lesson we all needed to learn through this. Work hard, eat right, believe in yourself and know you will sleep in from time to time. You will mess up and eat horrible from time to time. You get discouraged from time to time. But we have learned  it doesn’t mean just throw up your hands and quit. It means pull up your big girl panties and start again! I am glad to say I am wearing a smaller size lately 😜

I do often think about where I would be if I hadn’t ever slept in or ate some thing I shouldn’t have, but I have made myself stop and say no what if I hadn’t even started or what if I had given up.

This is a life long journey! I didn’t get to almost 400 pounds over night and I am not going to lose it over night.  I will take one pound, inch, victory at a time! God will help me! I will call on him! I will depend on him!

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