Healthy Yet?

Today’s word is “healthy.”  In previous blogs, I have repeatedly talked about my sincere interest in developing a “healthy” lifestyle.  Each one of us will have to decide what “healthy” means.  I may choose to eat more protein; whereas, you may choose a vegetarian lifestyle. You and I may disagree about which cardio activities we prefer. I do not want to become a “body builder,” but, I do want to continue to strengthen my muscles and my core and tone my out of shape body.  I am ashamed to say that I should have eaten better and worked out harder during the past few months. However, I am proud that I have made progress and I am encouraged enough to continue on this journey.  I have become more confident. Today,  when another gym member started to use the Cybex Jungle Gym in the middle of my “dramatic” Herculean Cable Curl workout, I was courteous and I politely asked for my opportunity to finish before he started his activity on the gym.  He quietly walked away and I chuckled to myself.  Here I was in the gym and I asked someone else to step aside so I could finish first.  What a hoot! I hope you have some stories to share about your experiences in the gym.  I pray that the words of Proverbs 19:8 will encourage all of us: “He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul;  he that keepeth understanding shall find good.” I hope we love ourselves enough to continue to invest in ourselves and to be faithful on our wellness journeys.  Blessings, Linda


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