Holly’s Four Favorite Time-Crunched Mini Workouts

Holly PT gave these great tips on HIS Morning Crew this past Monday

Run Fast: Find an open field and simply run across it for 20-30 steps per leg.  Build your intensity as you go. Rest for 20-40 seconds and then repeat as many times as you can in 5-10 minutes. You can perform this on a small hill as well to target different muscles.

Tabata Intervals: Do 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of recovery for 8 rounds.  Try this protocol with situps, mountain climbers, squats, jumping lunges or pushups for a midday boost.  I think everyone can find four minutes to train!  Tabata timer apps make this one super easy to follow.

Two Minute Max Effort Sets: Start your watch and see how many reps of jumping jacks, burpees or jump squats you can perform in two minutes. Record your reps and then try to beat that number the next day.

Five Minute Plank Challenge: Hold a forearm plank for five minutes. Every time you need to take a break in that time frame stand up and do ten squats. The first time through you might end up doing 4-5 sets of squats but as your core becomes stronger you may only do one set and then zero!


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