Thinking about the next chapter

As I lay here in bed tonight just thinking about the new chapter in my life lots of thoughts come to mind. I’ve been overweight my entire life was an obese kid thru school and thru my adult life and now at 41 still severely overweight. Was able to lose some weight 2 years ago only to gain it all back because I only concentrated on losing weight and not on how to lose the weight and keep it off.

I’m happy married to a wonderful lady that I want to grow old with and sit in the rocker and take long walks on the beach with. I have a 4 year old son that’s full of energy and in my current state I can only sit on the porch or in the swing and watch him play in the yard. When he ask me to play with him at my current condition I’m not able to. I’ve started this journey again to gain control of my life and my health. And with help from family and friends and gods help I can and I will succeed this time. Hope everyone in this year’s RBL is ready to change their lives and start a new chapter. With everyone’s help we all can succeed. GOD BLESS EVERYONE.


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