So I’m sure a good 3/4ths of ya’ll out there have experienced this. .. you get ready to go to the gym….you’re pumped and excited…you have your water bottle chilled and workout clothes on… then you get to the gym. You get out of your car, walk up to the door, and it begins. You look around at all these gorgeously toned ladies running on the treadmill, booking it on the elliptical, or dancing their selves crazy at zumba…and then you start feeling less than adequate. This happened to me yesterday. I was hesitant to blog about this. I guess it’s such an emotional thing for me. I mean, I used to be toned…I was a high school cheerleader!  Then life happened and two c-sections
later here I am. Overweight and frustrated at how I look. So I’m on the treadmill walking my mile… trying to just keep a steady pace and remembering to just breathe. I tell myself to just focus on the view out the window and ignore the gym “lifers” who appear perfect on the outside. I tell myself that they’re just people too. They have insecurities.  They have faults. You may not be able to see them as easily but they’re there. I begin to pray. Lord, help me to see the beauty in me that You do. Help me remember how much You love me. Help me to stay focused on why I’m here and not why I shouldn’t be. God is so good. Before long my fears and insecurities were being replaced with feelings of love and determination. I know who I am. I know He loves me and when He sees me He sees His creation. And have you heard?  God doesn’t make junk! That’s right!  Well if He doesn’t make junk, then I’m not junk. I’m worthy of His love. He loves me. What more do I need to feel worth something? I mean, hello! I’m a child of the King!  So bring it on gym! I’m ready for you!!

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