My First Night

Last night I went to the Eastside YMCA And had  my first Workout.

I was A little nervous because I have not been to the gym or even exercise like I should in a while so I wasn’t sure about how to go about it.

Well I was getting my bag ready and my little girl who is 10 years old Walk in the room And she put her bag next to my bag that I was getting ready. She told me she was ready to go and she was going to work out with me which was the sweetest thing.  So I had a super workout partner.

Mr Kevin at the YMCA Showed Julie how to work out on some of the equipment and she worked out with all her heart.

And I watched her working out As I was working out and it really inspired me.

Julie is trying to get healthy and I’m trying to get healthy so Julie decided in her beautiful little head That she would do it with me.

I wanted to share that with you because it truly inspired Me. This inspired me because a 10 year old little girl -one decided to get healthy ,Then she decided to help her mom who was nervous on her first night And she worked out with her to be her rock her inspiration her support.

I hope this inspires you as much as a sweet girl inspires me Last night.

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