Second Chances

I am so thankful for second chances. I was on RBL last year and I did great. I stayed pumped through the whole competition. I met my goal for the 5K. I never would have thought I would do a 5K ever! I remained inspired until the school year started this year and I just never got back into a routine. So exercise stopped and soon after I started making bad food choices. I was really in a pit. I was disappointed in myself. Then, I got a call just about a week ago asking if I would like a second chance. I about fainted. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I have gotten up the last few morning and worked out. I have eaten food that is good for my body. I am already beginning to feel better. It is never to late to start or start again.

I totally love my GIT team. It is great to be back with Sue and four of my former team members. One of them, Brad, won last year. He is now one of our leaders. Everyone I met on kickoff night seemed to be such amazing people and I am looking forward to working out with them and becoming good friends. We are going to GITer done!

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