Accountability is My Greatest Need

I am embarking on a weight loss and more importantly a getting healthy journey with Rob’s Big Loser. I am excited to get back in the gym and do this again and keep it going this time.  I have struggled with weight my entire life and have had two episodes of significant weight loss (50+ pounds) in my adult life. Both times had a great deal to do with accountability. Toward the end of college, I had a great friend that encouraged me and sometimes dragged me out of bed to go workout or play racquetball. I kept that weight off for a couple of years until I was married and started having children. The second weight loss came after my second child was born and some great teacher friends that encouraged me. I was well on my way back to my ideal weight and even tried on my wedding dress again and it fit and was a little loose. However, God had plans for us to have a third child and I have greatly struggled ever since. I am currently at my heaviest weight in my life. I work in education so every summer I do really well. In fact this past summer I dropped 15 pounds in 2 months by going to the Y every week day and walking 5K. I however, did not adjust my diet so when August rolled back around and a daily visit to the Eastside YMCA was impossible the weight jumped back on +5. I am looking forward to building friendships and accountability partners with my team at the Eastside YMCA!  It also felt great to go back to the Y today. I was only able walk for a mile today, but that is the start to even more!

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