I was finally able to weigh in and do my assessment yesterday morning. I am so looking forward to this journey. I kind of wish I hadn’t had surgery so I didn’t have limitations, because I want to be able to do the things my teammates are doing, but baby steps, I keep telling myself. I’ll get there! I just don’t want to lose momentum. Right now the doc has me on limitations of low impact walking only, so praying he will increase that some come Wednesday! I am really trying to focus on my diet right now maonly since that is almost all I can do. I am trying to do low carb, gf, paleo… I know it is a lot but I have had a gluten sensitivity for years and I really need to force myself to follow a gf diet, but I want to eat as clean as possible, so I am trying to stay away from bad carbs, and eat paleo style as closely as I can. Hopefully I will start to see some pounds drop soon!

I am so proud of the determination I see from my teammates at Team GIT!! They are all working so hard and I am proud of them!!

Go TEAM GIT!!! Git ‘er done!!!!




One thought on “ASSESSMENT”

  1. Tonya, You will do fine. your diet is the main thing. Did yo watch Rob’s video post I think he did it Thirsday? He says, exactly what I have been told, what you eat is 80% of your journey. Paleo low arcbs is the best way to go when you cannot exercise. Looking forward to our transformation together.

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