Outdoor Bodyweight Workout

This morning at 7:30 nearly 30 AT Home Rob Big Losers braved the 31 degrees and did their first workout. Holly PT went over fundamentals and basics and did a great routine that included stretching, and three rounds of core, steps ups, 200 yard out and back.

The determination every RBL had was inspiring. They have begun a 12 week journey that will be lifelong.

We turned Cleveland park into a gym. Something you can do as well. You have the main tool you need for a great workout. Your body!!

Outdoor bodyweight workout for beginners by Unbound

Mark out a distance of around 50m/50 big steps (use trees or jumpers as markers). This will be your training area.

Complete the following circuit of six exercises 3-4 times. After each exercise walk to the other side of your marked out area to perform the next exercise – this is your active recovery time.

After each circuit, take 60-90 seconds rest to recover before performing the next one. Once you have completed the circuit 4-6 times, move onto section B until your 20 minutes is up.

1. Bodyweight squats x 12

Keep you feet hip-distance apart and your weight in your heels. With your chest up, eyes facing forwards, push your bum out as if sitting into a chair. This will strengthen your glutes (bum muscles) and quads (the large muscles at the front of your thigh).

2. Press-ups x 10 

Keep your hands underneath your shoulders, belly button pulled in, your elbows at a 45-degree angle to the body, and lower your chest to the floor. If you can’t do full press-ups, you can keep your knees on the floor throughout. Press ups target your chest and triceps (the muscles at the back of the upper arm).

3. Half sits x 12

Laying down with your feet on the ground and your knees bent, place your hands on your thighs. Curl upwards through the belly button, sliding your hands up to your kneecaps and gently lower. This is a great way to target your abs.

4. Back to feet x 10

Lie flat on you back and, as quickly as you can, stand up. Lie back down again and and repeat. This is a lot tougher than it looks and as well as being a great cardiovascular exercise, it also targets your abs.

5. Alternate lunges x 10 each side

Step out with one leg, making sure your front foot is flat and your back foot is raised, so you’re on the ball of your foot. Keeping your upper body upright, lower your back knee towards the floor. With a powerful push from your front heel, step back so your feet are together. Repeat on the alternate side. This works your quads and glutes.

6. Extended plank x 30s

Hold a press up position, keeping your back neutral and belly button pulled in, for 30 seconds. This will work on your abs, shoulder and wrist strength






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