Fierce First

This week has moved me to make a change that lasts a lifetime. Being a part of a community that is motivated and ready to become their best physically with God’s help has changed my mindset towards diet and exercise all together. It is more motivating than anything I’ve tried to date. Anddd… I’ve tried a lot 😜 (beachbody, weight watchers, the hungry girl diet, juice fasts, 21 day fix, no sugar no salt, no carbs…umm I think you get the drift haha). This time will be the last time I lose the extra pounds I have lost and gained back now 3 times😫. The theme song “day one of the rest of my life” is perfect for how I feel because I can’t dwell on my yo-yo dieting in the past, I have to move forward and forget about my slip ups before.


Me on my “Day one”.

After my fitness test, due to my body fat percentage and feeling out of shape, I felt determined to start this program strong. I was exhausted after just walking a 15 minute mile, lifting minimal weights and doing crunches. I made myself go back to the gym that night and I’m glad I did. I was greeted by a few trainers who were pumped to see me there and I pushed my body to a great burn through some weights and cardio. The view I had was breath taking and a reminder that God supports my investment in my health and carries me through tough workouts just like he carries me through daily struggles.


A reminder of His renewed mercy.

I felt more energized after I biked and even though I was sore Friday morning I was happy that I could feel myself getting stronger. On Friday afternoon my eyes were opened to how I had let myself get by with mediocre workouts-not pushing my body to its limits. My trainer and one of my teammates talked about how your mind quits before your body and that is so true. I have let my mind talk my body out of pushing through when my muscles started to strain or when I thought I couldn’t run another lap. So that first workout with my trainer I pushed my body to the max number of reps on each movement and I made myself come back to the gym that evening to get in 20 minutes of cardio.


In one workout I lifted 10,650 lbs.! I burned 575 calories-woot woot!

I didn’t get to the gym Saturday but I went to a gymnastics birthday party where I walked around watching 5 year olds constantly. My apple watch said I got in over 5,000 steps and stood all day so I’ll say that balanced out the ice cream cake I had 💃🏻.


My niece showing off her gymnastics skills!

I am excited and anxious to see where this challenge takes me. I know that the incredible support around me via my team, mentors, coaches and trainers will lead me to success if I keep trusting God and put my mind over my body! It’s going to be tough but leaning on God and my family as well will keep me focused.



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