I know it was hard for some to hear me at the kickoff when I was speaking. Was just wanting to give a repeat of what I was saying.

My journey with RBL started a few years ago. I’ve anyways been overweight and entered RBL in 2014 and was selected to be an at home contestant. Doing the 12 week journey was hard but I managed to lose 40 pounds and won the at home that year. After the challenge was over I took some time off but quickly feel back into my old ways of poor choices and gained all the weight back. Fast forward to December 2015. I went to the doctor for my normal blood work and physical. That day changed my life. My doctor went over all my blood test then asked me how old my son was. I told him that he was 4 years old. The doctor then asked me if I wanted to be around to see my son graduate from school,  that if I didn’t change my ways and get my weight under control that I would not be around to see him graduate. I left that appointment so mad at the doctor for saying that to me,  that I was ready to find another doctor to start going to. A few days pass then I started realizing that I wasn’t mad at him (looking back that was the best thing he could have ever said me) that I was truely mad at myself for letting myself get that far out of shape.

A few weeks went by and I heard about RBL again on the radio. I thought I would sign up again but then the little devil in my head kept saying you won the at home few years ago they won’t bring you back again. I finally decided to enter again and the next day I got the phone call about being in RBL for 2016 and was chosen for the Y team for Caine Halter. To start the year off I weighed in at 360 pounds. At the kickoff when I weighed in with my trainer I was at 355 pounds. I decided I was given a second chance that I was not gonna waste it this time around. I was in the gym for 4-5 days a week even went a few times to join the at home team on Saturday mornings (I wanted to get as much information as I could about weight loss). I finished the 12 week challenge at 284 pounds. I had lost 71 pounds (20% body weight loss)  and won the overall for 2016.

After the finally I signed up to do my first ever sprint triathlon and finished it around 1 hour and 30 minutes. That was a great accomplishment for myself and i was so pumped to finish it. I had done great with my weight loss journey this far and had got down to 268 pounds and then that’s when life happened. I sprained my ankle and was down almost 6 weeks with it, doing no type of physical activities and started eating bad again. About the time I was released to start back physical activities, my grandmother got sick and was put in the hospital. A few weeks later she passed away, that was a week before Thanksgiving. I’ve always been an emotional / stress eater so the bad choices continued. In the middle of December I realized I was headed back fast to where I said I would never be again. I was back up to 312 pounds and feeling terrible. I was eating fast foods, over eating,  and eating lots of sweets and sugary sodas. I got myself back on track and as of today I’m back down to 290 pounds. My goal weight is to be at 200 pounds and to do a full triathlon.

I workout at the Caine Halter Y most days between the hours of 9am-12 noon. Im here to support and encourage everyone this year at RBL. I want other to also push me as to keep me motivated to finally reach my goal. If anyone has questions or concerns then please reach out to me as I want to be able to help everyone reach their goals.

I’m on Facebook and you can find me there. Just send me a friend request then a message letting me know who you are and let’s get started to a better you and better me. I thank again God for giving me this opportunity and for HIS radio and the YMCA of Greenville. I love quotes as they keep me motivated in all parts of my life. I will post a picture of the few i read tonight as to hope they will inspire you as well. Thanks again and let make RBL 2017 the best year yet. 20170126_180728.png20170126_160938.png20170126_160749.jpg

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