A New Beginning

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa and I am an At Home RBL this year. I was an RBL on the 2012 GHS Y Team. I didn’t lose as much weight this fist time, but I did make lifestyle changes that kept me moving and feeling healthy for almost a full year following RBL’s.  I then injured my knee and slipped off the wagon, gaining everything back, plus a little extra.  I had a baby in 2015, didn’t gain but 6 pounds in the pregnancy and developed Gestational Diabetes.  Upon my beautiful daughter’s arrival, I lost some of the weight, but quickly gained it back upon being told I did not lose the Diabetes with her birth.  I have tried several changes and what I realized I was missing was the accountability piece.  I remembered from RBL’s ’12 the assume accountability I had in my team members and leader at the Y that year, so I applied for the At Home group, and here I am.

I already feel a connection with many of my group members, and we all have started off to a great start… or so it seems for me! I was a little nervous when our leader Doug said we would be running, as I am not a fan, and remember the bad knee…. so again, not a fan.  We arrived Saturday morning for our first get together, and yes, we were expected to run, or do what we could.  5 minute warm up walk followed by 8 intervals of a 1 minute run, 90 second walk, and then a 5 minute cool down.  Follwoing the 4th run, I was counting down. I couldn’t wait to get that last run over with and I could feel the tiredness in my legs.  By the 8th run, I prayed the whole last minute, and I could feel God pushing me through and I was so relieved when it was done, but more importantly, I had finished that last, 8th, minute! I remember telling someone in my group I was giving the glory to God for making it through the 8 runs! And that is what I am focusing on.  It is through God, giving me the strength to push through and do this journey. I am not going to complain or whine when it gets tough, I am going to pray that God gives me the strength to finish, and finish strong.

While my overall goal is to lose weight, what is more important to me is getting healthy, getting off the medication dependancy for the Diabetes, and showing my daughter how to be active and be around for her. She is the apple of mine and my husband’s eyes and I can’t imagine missing a moment of watching her grow up. Again, I am so thankful for this opportunity to once again get my health back on track!

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  1. Holding up a big sign with number EIGHT 8 – Congratulations! Hold onto that victory and keep claiming others in the name of Jesus! You got this!!!

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