My Introduction @hometeam

This is your very first blog post ever. Whoot, Whoot!

I am forty-six years young and married to the love-of-my-life for twenty-six years.  I work at a publishing company. We have five kids and we met in the service… Air Force!  We lived on every coast of the United States and met in Iceland.  We love to travel!

I wanted to join RBL because I was in reasonable good shape but recently injured my shoulder tendonitis/bursitis doing Cross Fit related workouts. I LOVED the challenge. It felt like doing the impossible everyday! I used to stand there nervous, thinking will I be able to finish this workout? I always did but my doctor said those dreaded words, “No more Cross Fit”. It is very hard on the
shoulder area.

My husband and I visited Europe during Christmas break and my sister’s advise was, “Eat everything.”  It was a good decision.  Gelato in Italy… need I say more but when you play your pay.  Ten to fifteen pounds sneaks back really fast.  Now, to get fit and lean again.  I eating style would be classified as “Slow Carb Diet”.  I look forward to the next three months with you.  The loads of encouragement we will heap on each other.

In closing, I am thankful God’s grace that is new every morning.

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