Retire from the couch

My name is Bill Reeves and 61 years young.  I recently decided to retire from the stress and angst of a Global Aerospace company. What I have found is that after 36 years of managing a fleet of turbine engines for both commercial and military aircraft, is that now “What do I do”?

I have been becoming a couch potato and doing zero exercise with high calorie cookies and treats to pass the day. I realized that from personal experience and also research statistics show that inactivity post retirement = an early trip to my savior. Even though I look forward to that day, my family would prefer I stay around longer to enjoy me warm and loving presence 🙂

I have a blended family who includes my  loving wife and 3 beautiful adult children.

I am thankful to HIS Radio / GHS YMCA & RBL for this opportunity to start a new lifestyle that will help me live long & prosper.

Thank you and cya at the Y.


Bill Reeves






One thought on “Retire from the couch”

  1. Your joyful attitude is infectious! Thank you for the smile and keep up the good work so you can live long and prosper 😉

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