2nd Chance

Here I am again a part of Rob’s Big Losers. I’m very grateful to have a second chance at it this year. Last year with RBL I lost 47 pounds. The experience was amazing. During last year’s Journey  I was a restaurant manager for Bojangle’s  and I was around food all of the time. This made the challenge interesting. This year I sell furniture  for Havertys  so  thank goodness I’m not around the temptation of food.

Last year, unfortunately life hit my family and I hard a few weeks after RBL was over. Not even a month after the competition was over our 6 yr old son was thought to have leukemia. We had to play the waiting game and we prayed for a miracle and got one! He’s fine now praise God! A few weeks after that, I moved my disabled parents from Indiana to South Carolina. Their health is very bad. They had to live with us for a couple of months until we found them a place. I had to focus much of my free time on taking care of them without neglecting my own Wife and children and juggle work all at the same time. I am a stress eater and it took no time at all for me to put the weight back on. One very important thing I have had to learn is take my stress to God and not to food. We all have circumstances and hard times that come upon us. This year has already brought some unforeseen circumstances like the miscarriage of our baby. But I place this in God’s hands and will not turn to food for comfort. I have an amazing beautiful Wife and three children who are 13, 7 and 2. I turn 40 in March this year and I know with the proper exercise and good eating habits I have many years left to enjoy with my wife and children a future grandchildren. My thirteen-year-old daughter, who is very healthy, has committed to go with me to the YMCA sometimes to do cardio with me.

I look forward to keeping everyone posted on my progress and things that I find that work for me and hopefully they will work for you as well!

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