A bit of reality

I had my assessment last night. 😳 After getting my weight, and BFI numbers reality hit me. This extra person that I’m carrying around with me has to leave. It was 16 years ago that my mother-in-law passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. My oldest was then 8 years old, my middle was almost 3 years old, youngest just over a year old. My oldest is now 24, and still remembers that horrible day. Well, my oldest grand is 5 years old. Not enough brownies created for me to leave her. Seriously, if chocolate comes from the cacao bean, why is it not listed as a vegetable!

So today, I walked/ speed walked for almost an hour carrying my 32 lb granddaughter on my back in a hiking child carrier thing we have. That was rough. I tried to jog a bit, she didn’t like it. After that, we ran around the park for another 30 minutes. I am tired.

Did I mention that I’ve not had caffeine?! No soda. No sweet tea. Nothing with caffeine! I have had lots of water. Lots & lots of water! I’m feeling like a fish. 😉

Romans 12:1

I urge you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, that you present you bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God which is your reasonable service of worship.

Keep us all in prayer. Let’s go Team Eastside!



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  1. You have this my love if anyone can do this, you can. Excited to watch and walk with you on this amazing journey of yours.

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