Day 1


Just finished my first full workout.

I hate cardio….well specifically running, lol. It’s not really that bad but I sure feel winded afterwards. I did 22 minutes of the Arc Trainer today for my cardio and my warm-up. It helped I got to watch I Love Lucy while I worked out =)

Afterwards I did my strength training and then took a shower and straight off to work.

I’m sure I’ll feel it later on today but right now, as I usually do after a work-out, I feel awesome. I feel a little sore, but it’s nothing compared to how accomplished I feel.

If nothing else, today shows me that I can do this. I know I can do the workout part of this journey. My struggle will be with eating.

So, for me, I have put together a very strict meal plan. I know most people would say that makes it harder, and initially it will be for me too. The first few days are going to be awful as my body gets used to it, but I also know it would be much worse if I didn’t do this. If I give myself and inch, I will eventually take a mile and I know that.

So what am I eating?

Before my workout I am eating two energy balls to give myself the carb and energy boost I will need every morning. Recipe HERE.

For breakfast I am currently drinking a SlimFast shake, with water not milk, though this may change for a healthy egg bake for more protein and less preservatives.

Lunch is 4 oz Chicken Breast with a delicious marinade which I am using over 16 pieces of chicken so the calorie count is very low for the marinade, 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa with amino acids, and 1/2 a grapefruit.

Dinner is Chicken again with grapefruit.

Snacks I am eating 1/4 of Aldi’s Chili Lime Cashews when needed, probably no more than twice a day.

I know it seems limited but I know it will get me the results I want and it’s keeping enough calories in me to keep me full. Anything else I eat would be 0-very low cal foods like celery, carrots etc.

Sometimes I’m sure I will deviate a little like if we go out to eat but I’m going to stay vigilant in ordering very healthy food.

Excited to see results!

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  1. Wow! Prayers of strength and protection. I understand the super strict in the beginning to to clean out the body and cravings but I encourage you that when you are ready to work towards a level of lifestyle you can sustain. We need you teammate your enthusiasm and level of dedication to this program is inspirational and aspirational 😀 Go Gus!!! ( and Caine Halter😉)

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