Exhausted but it feels so good!

Hey guys, my name is Melinda,  and I’m a sugarholic. Anyone else?

I’ve struggle with food and weight gain pretty much since my son was born. I love food. I know what I’m eating before I even know what I want to eat because I will not miss a meal! Let me tell you, God forbid I don’t get my meals in. So I need to change what I’m eating. Rumor has it it’s bad to miss meals so I’m on the right track, wrong train, don’t judge!

So now that I’m committed to eating healthy every meal let’s get this exercise thing down. Am I the only one who is tired? Already!  I’ve gone to the gym and had hard workouts both days, and I am so so tired! Exhausted. But not the sluggish, ate too many cupcakes, carb overload kind of tired. My body is just tired, but I feel really good actually. My concentration is off alittle, maybe a lot.  Detox maybe? I don’t know but I do know I’m sleeping like a baby.

I’ve been getting up at 5 to get prayer/bible time in and mentally this is great! I so needed this. I needed a push and I needed to just work on me. I’m thankful for this 12 weeks. I’m thank ful for a supportive husband and church! Shout out to my small groups peeps!!! I’m thankful and I plan on using this time wisely!!!

Now let’s get it!!!

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  1. Right track – wrong train – love that expression. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that but most likely will use myself 😉 it’s wonderful you are tired because I’d pushing yourself. And starting your day with prayer and Bible study (honestly I need to get back in this discipline too!). Sounds like you are on the fast track now and in the RIGHT TRAIN – Choo! Choo!

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